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December 13th, 2013

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Linda Cristal: Confidence in Herself

Vintage article reprint from 1970

Recently Linda Cristal was advised to be “Open and honest, then people will love you, because they can be open and honest.”

Linda has been following that advice.

“I feel healthy now for the first time in my life,” she said, adding, “I needed this role and I wanted it.”

The reference was to her co-starring role as Victoria Montoya, the second wife of widower John Cannon (Leif Erickson), in The High Chaparral, the full-hour adventure epic of the taming of the Southwest, seen each Sunday on the NBC Television network.

“I had given up my career for the sake of my marriage,” said the international film star. “My marriage failed anyway. This left me without a career or marriage.”

Prior to this, Linda had achieved stardom, with 30 films to her credit, including The Perfect Furlough, The fiend That Walked the West, Cry Tough, The Alamo and Two Rode Together.

I was emotional, therefore I could act,” Linda concluded as she evaluated her past. “But I had no technique. It was like hitting the right notes by chance. I hit three and missed seven. I realized that if I were going to have a career, I would have to start from scratch, including acting lessons.”

Linda found a teacher, and an analyst.

Both agreed that what I needed was to find myself.” She said. “Producers used to tell me ‘how pretty’ I was. This used to burn my soul. Now I can to realize that for years there hadn’t been anything more to me than prettiness.”

Linda tried to get a clearer picture of herself.

“If that seed, that self is in trouble,” she said, “You can’t show a true human picture as an actress. How can you make a true judgment based on a cloudy ‘me’? I began to see the need for a healthy me, a strong me.”

Linda learned something about love in the process.

“To love, she said, “You have to be able to love yourself first. I didn’t know who I was, so how could I love myself? I had to look in the mirror to see who I am . Today I am a full human being. I’m getting to know who I am.”

I was at this point that Linda learned that David Dortort, executive producer and creator of NBC-TV’s The High Chaparral series, was looking for an actress to portray Victoria.

“My teacher said that if I had the guts to do it, I should walk in and show what I can do,” said Linda. “I went on the interview, walked in, took of my hat, shoes and jacket and said, “I will prove to all of you gentlemen that I am the person you want for the part.”

Instead of reading for the part, Linda asked permission to illustrate a dozen roles which they could propose. When she was done, she walked out with the co-starring part.

“If you are willing to fail and fall flat on your face, you’ll make it,” Linda concluded. “But you have to have complete confidence that you can do it.” 

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