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November 13th, 2013

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Music Composed and Conducted by HARRY SUKMAN
INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 256

Harry Sukman’s music for the 1979 miniseries Salem’s Lot is rooted in the decades-long conventions of traditional, gothic horror-transposing its sense of dread to Maine via stabbing percussion, church organ, creepy bell glissandos and shivering strings. Right from the Main Title, which stabs forth with full, orchestral fury before seguing into the raucous, rhythmically evil flourish of a danse macabre, listeners can tell they are in for a thrilling, fresh journey into terror.  Main baddie Kurt Barlow is not seductively handsome like Count Dracula, and so Sukman plays these trappings of classic horror music without the dark, romantic flourishes.

Sukman composed and conducted some two hours of music for Salem’s Lot, including roughly 90 individual cues. Many of them were short, others were intended to be edited together during postproduction. He also wrote three source cues (only one of which was used) and arranged a Vivaldi work for source material as well.  Intrada had access to the complete three-channel stereo scoring session masters, vaulted by Warner Bros and in pristine condition. Since these elements included the January 1980 scoring sessions for the later edited-down version of the miniseries, Intrada is also able to present the additional three cues recorded specially for the edited versions of the movie, including the exciting End Credits cue Sukman composed.

The story of Salem’s Lot originates from Stephen King’s own nightmares, leading him to wonder what would happen if a European master vampire set up home “in a sleepy little country town.” That creature became Kurt Barlow, who takes up residence in the Marsten house, a death-filled dwelling long regarded as evil by the residents of Jerusalem’s Lot-especially by famous writer Ben Mears. The author has been drawn back to his old haunt to write about the “inherently evil” mansion now occupied by Richard Straker, who’s opening an antique shop for his absentee landlord and business partner, Barlow. But Straker’s real mission is to pave the way for Barlow to suck the life out of the town by unleashing a wave of vampire slaves — monsters that only Ben and his small band of believers can stop.

INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 256
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