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October 13th, 2013

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Never give up!! Don’t ever give up!!
My friends, WE DID IT!!!!! I just got an email from Kickstarter that we are officially FULLY FUNDED! How does that make you feel? I hope you have the same welling up of “tears of joy”, the same overwhelming feeling of emotion that I am experiencing right now. It is because of you my friends and your efforts that that we accomplished this goal. We did not stagger across the finish line in fact we had an amazing finish and it is because of you.I am truly humbled by the show of support and love that everyone of you has shown me. Everyone played a part in this and I do mean everyone. $1 to $1,000 every donation was important and it showed in the final tally. We made it by $62. Yesterday was such an amazing day I’m sure there would have been more $$$ coming in but we reached our goal around 6 P.M. Eastern time and I am sure everyone was exhausted and emotionally spent by then. It will take 2 weeks or more for the funds to be received and then we will start the process of sending out the rewards and hope to have them all distributed sooner rather than later. In the meantime thee will be updates here until this account is closed and then you can follow the progress of “Geronimo, Life on the Reservation” at

Again my sincere thanks to ALL and remember NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER LET ANYONE STEAL YOUR DREAMS!

Rudy Ramos

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