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August 13th, 2013

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The recent article on “Reality Bites” is hilarious! My husband and I laughed and laughed.

Now, watching reruns on ISNP, I have noticed that there seems to be only one rattlesnake in Arizona. This creature of remarkable longevity has bitten Manolito and John, and it has threatened Buck’s horse in “A Piece of Land” (I think)….and Manolito’s girlfriend in “Bad Day for a Bad Man.”

This rattlesnake seems to have at least nine lives…perhaps it is part cat. Actors shoot it repeatedly but although they make the snake jump, they miss dealing it a fatal blow. It always returns, albeit in a slightly less colorized form than the rest of the episode. I guess its name is Stock Shot Snake.

The Gambell’s quail is generally heard in the background as well…although I may be watching too many HC episodes because my husband thought he heard that bird in our backyard the other day. Perhaps it was a mockingbird who also likes HC.

M. Jane Rodgers

Ed note: Stock Shot Snake definitely got a workout, but I shudder when I hear Kent McCray describe one particular crew job on the Tucson set – Snake Wrangler. His job was patrolling the brush all around the ranch set, clearing out rattlesnakes. And we thought the Cannons had it rough! 

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