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July 13th, 2013

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Recently on the High Chaparral Facebook Group page we had a question and answer session with Rudy Ramos (Wind). Here are some of the details about Rudy the fans asked and his always straightforward answers.

Question: If High Chaparral had continued on how did you think the character of Wind would have progressed? Was there a storyline in the works that Buck was Wind’s father?

Answer: “Yes, there was a storyline in the works that would reveal Buck was Wind’s father. Cameron told me that. It would have been revealed in the next season and there were all kinds of storyline possibilities because of that. Also, had Mark Slade signed on for another year there would have been just as many storylines about Blue and Wind. Remember, I did not replace Mark. I was added to the show because they wanted to get younger, not to replace the character of Blue Boy. When the script for Wind was written it was not known that Mark would not be back. Those negotiations had not happened yet. It would have been fun because as you know, Mark and I worked together in an episode of the TV show Paris with James Earl Jones. We got along great!! He’s really a good guy.”

: Do you prefer to play good guys or bad guys?

Answer: “I prefer playing bad guys. I’ve always worked more in movies and TV when I was playing bad guys. Even though they are usually written one-dimensional and one color I have always been able to bring some like-ability to all my bad guys even if it is just for a second. The audience will see it and then it gets that bad guy I knew color and makes you wonder what happened to make him bad. I hope this answers the question.”

Question: What is your favorite song from your album Hard Knocks and Bad Times?

Answer: “I Was Amazed and You Can See it in My Eyes. I loved the songs and I liked my vocal performance.”

Question: You seemed pretty confident on a horse. Had you ridden much before High Chaparral? Who was your double and how much of your own riding did you do?

Answer: “Yes, I had done some riding but nothing formal. Most of my stuff was just coming into the camera at a gallop. Jerry Wills did all of the fast stuff across the desert at breakneck speed. Jerry was a good friend and made my character look great. A few years before he passed away we rode together again in the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman movie. That fast riding chasing a wagon I did do with Jerry right by my side. He played one of my soldiers and I was the captain of the Mexican army in the 1800’s. I didn’t really want to do that ride but Jerry talked me into it. He kept telling me “you can do this, Rudy, you can do this”, so I did it. It looked good on film but I would just as soon leave that kind of stuff to the stunt people. They are very good at what they do. I don’t tell them how to do their stunts and they don’t tell me how to act. I’ve always had great relationships with my stunt doubles in television and in the movies. “

: What was your horse’s name?

Answer: “I had two, maybe three horses. One that was very quiet for closeups. One for the fast ride across the desert. And one for slow walks while I was doing dialog. The one that did the closeups had a while spot on his forehead so they would dye it black. All the magic of television.”

Question: How did you get interested in doing play about Geronimo?

Answer: I was born and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma, which borders Fort Still and that is where Geronimo spent the last 23 years of his life as a P.O.W. He was one of my two boyhood idols. The other was Mickey Mantel the baseball player, who was also from Oklahoma. Michael Martin Murphey, the song writer of “Wildfire”, and I had a conversation about Geronimo about 25 years ago. He told me that should write a one-man show about Geronimo and that I should play him. That is how long I have carried this idea in my head. Now it is about to become a reality.

Not only did Michael Martin Murphey have a hit song with “Wildfire”, which was about a horse, he also had a hit song title “Geronimo’s Cadillac”!!

Question: Will you be touring with your play Geronimo?

Answer: As for touring with Geronimo I plan to travel with it across the southwest after the premiere in Tucson at the High Chaparral Reunion. Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas for a start. Where I am invited and welcome is where I will go. This will be a word of mouth project and show. There will be no budget for advertising and I don’t want to do that anyway. I want an audience that is interested in Geronimo and an audience that is interested in me.

Want to get in on the fun? Join us on Facebook. Don Collier (Sam Butler) is a member of our group and contributes his comments and answers questions daily. We are also proud to have Kiva Lawrence-Hoy, wife of Bob Hoy (Joe Butler) participate regularly, and keep us riveted with great stories about Bob. Susan McCray, who worked on casting for The High Chaparral, appears from time to time. Here is the link to join:


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