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April 13th, 2013

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Henry Darrow arrives at 2013 High Chaparral ReunionWho better to tell you what The High Chaparral Reunion was like than YOU? Here are comments from fans who attended.

“I KNEW, being there, that watching the show, would be different when I got home from my first Reunion. Just this morning, watching an episode, they rode across a draw, which I walked across a couple weeks ago. When I hear the music, I can remember Susan explaining how her father created, at a piano.
When I see Sam/Don on the show… I remember hearing him, seeing his enthusiasm, the twinkle in his eyes.
When I see Manolito, I remember sitting next to him, talking to Lauren. Every show, when I see the credits, I cheer for Kent McCray, who is a very kind man, in addition to being a master of multi-tasking.
Wind/Rudy… What an amazing man of empathy, talent and chivalry.

I loved watching High Chaparral before, but since the Reunion, I feel part of it. It’s a place that I have been to.

They are not actors on my TV, they are friends.

That is just SOME of the reasons that I signed up for the 2014 Reunion as soon as or was announced. I want to be part of the magic, the camaraderie, the wonder of being in, on and a part of The High Chaparral!”

“I was there. I was on cloud nine the whole time. What a wonderful feeling. There were so many surprises, wonderful entertainment, bar none accomodations, gifts, excellent food, charming hosts on your team, and the down to earth cast members who were totally gracious with their time. I am in AWE of the reunion outcome. Thanks to you and your team as this was a once in a lifetime dream come true.”

“Thanks for sharing this, Penny. I am also so very thankful for all that you and the other volunteers have done in helping to produce such a wonderful event. I am still processing all the positive things that I experienced this past weekend, and am so grateful to have had the privilege to meet such an astounding number of wonderful people! I plan to write more later, but words alone could not express how blessed I feel to have been able to experience the Reunion firsthand. :)”

“I’m going through withdrawals as many of us are I’m sure. …How can we not come to future Reunions?!”

” You and your crew did a fantastic job organizing this fabulous event so that all of us had a never to forget weekend. Our HC cast are our heros too it was so evident that they do love and appreciate their fans. Thanks so much for making this a weekend I will never forget. Even my 21 year old daughter had a great time and wants to come bacK!

” As I write this I’m sipping on Mango tea and basking in the “afterglow” of another outrageously awesome reunion; mahalo nui loa (thank you very much!) for the thousands of hours you must have put in arranging everything. A great big thank you to all who helped you as well.

As I drove to work today the radio spoke of ominous happenings – a serious flash flood warning (my short-cut to work was flooded out – detour – aaggh – bumper to bumper congestion all the way to my classroom) – our teacher’s union still hasn’t finalized our new contract (which we’ve been working without for over 2 years, enduring furloughs & pay cuts) and that nut job in North Korea is threatening to obliterate Hawaii……..BUT!!!!!!! I couldn’t stop smiling because A)I got to “play” with my sister!!!! she & my brother made it possible for me to attend the reunion B) I had a very inspiring & fascinating conversation with Rudy about Geronimo C) I was hugged by Don & his hugs are sooo full of kindness and sincerity D) Lauren & Carolyn inspired me with their own personal survival stories E) I got a kiss from Henry F) All of the above! (in case you have test anxiety, the correct response is “F” )

Anticipating this reunion helped me cope with some very dark days during this past year and words fail to convey my sincere appreciation to you for making this all possible. I continue to be in awe of how friendly and warm Don, Henry & Lauren, the McCrays, Rudy, the De Waays and all the HC family are; I feel truly blessed to have been around such fine people. Reconnecting with Nieves, Michelle, and others was also amazing – definitely icing on the cake!” .

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cast as loyal to their fans as the High Chaparral cast. It’s a joy to watch them interact with fans from all over the globe. There is a bond between them that will never be broken.”

“To all-who produced-assembled-arranged-attended and enjoyed-the Reunion-thank you! Speaking for myself-I haven’t come down to earth yet-but am expecting to land any day now. I’ve been so wrapped up with unpacking, returning to work, finding little goodies I got that I look at or play daily. Please attend the next Reunion folks-if the High Chaparral meant anything to you-you will be so pleased that you did. :)”

“We had so much fun at the reunion. We were a bit star struck at first but it has been a dream come true for us to come and meet some stars of the high chaparral….The trip to old tucson was the high light for me. The trail ride on chaparral land was amazing – riding where the show was made. Meeting Don, Rudy and Henry was great fun. Don is such a smoothie and so much fun. Rudy is such a gentleman and his reading on geromino was full of compassion and heart felt. Henry was sweet and a glint of manolito charm shone through in his eyes and smile. Kent McCray was an adorable man but it was a pleasure to meet them all. I also had the privilege of speaking with Kiva Hoy and we shared some private memories speaking about our late husbands and my son. She was a genuine caring lady, full if compassion and so beautiful.

Meeting the lovely fans and feeling part of a very special group made the reunion. I will definately try to be there next year as I felt so at home and at ease with everyone.

Thank you once again for arranging the reunion and for bringing the stars and fans together. Gemma and I have always thought we were alone in how we felt about the high chaparral but now we know we are not the only ones. “

“I’m so glad that they felt the love and appreciation that we felt for them! Even though we went from sunup to sundown and I lost a lot of sleep due to traveling, I came away from the reunion feeling so fulfilled, refreshed and happy! This was due in part to the wonderful camaraderie I felt among all the fans and the fellowship and new friends I made! I actually felt like I made new friends not only with the fans but with the Stars!”

Thank you for all you do for people you don’t know but care so much about. From around the world, we will never be able to thank you enough.

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