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January 15th, 2012

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Since many High Chaparral fans are also Bonanza fans, this story about a memorial plaque for Michael Landon may be of interest.

According to an email bulletin from, in 1997, Cindy Landon gave $6,700 that was used towards building a tree house “Little Treehouse on the Prairie” in Collingswood, NJ. Collingswood is the childhood home of Michael Landon. Abbe Effron raised $1400 for a bronze dedication plaque that was placed in front of the tree house. Recently, a local paper reported the plaque was found in the borough dump in the city of Collingswood.

The tree house is still up and being used but no record of its story or history is provided since the removal of the plaque. On Monday, January 2, 2012 the mayor of Collingswood, James Maley gave the following statement to the CollingswoodPatch Publication, “It was not meant to go into the trash. That was just a mistake somebody made.” The mayor also stated, “the plaque will remain among a collection of borough artifacts at The Retrospect’s office.” He also referred to this plaque problem as a “ridiculous little issue.” The mayor has no plans at this time to have the plaque put back where it was placed during the dedication ceremony in 1997 when Cindy Landon donated the funds to build the tree house. Many fans of Michael Landon who visit this playground will no longer be able to view the plaque unless they make a special visit to the retrospect’s office.

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