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August 17th, 2011

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Reunion Memories

Fan Brenda Greenwood shared her memories after the 2009 Reunion.

You could be sitting with Henry Darrow’s arm around you with that famous double-dimple smile aimed right at you! And after spending a weekend with the High Chaparral bunch, they’ll all be proud you call them friends!

My thoughts on the reunion was that it was more than I had ever imagined!

We didn’t get to Tucson until Friday afternoon, and we sat at a table chatting with a few new friends we had just made. Henry walked into the room first and someone told him I had come from the UK, and he just came up to me and gave me a hug and said how pleased he was to see me – it was as if I was the celebrity! He signed my photo which was in my goody bag, without me asking him, and he made me feel like the queen. He was so natural.

It was good to see all the stars and production team getting on so well and pleased to see each other after such a long time – and their informal chat was so informative. At the end of that session Rudy was lingering and we asked for a photo – and he made the person taking our picture do it so many times until the right shot was taken with all looking good and smiling. I can’t think of any other celebrity that would give so much time and attention to detail – he was wonderful.

Saturdays trip to Old Tucson Studios was just fantastic, to give us an idea of the place where it was all filmed – you could almost imagine it happening right there. What a magical time it was helping Don celebrate his 81st birthday with his family. Very few people can say they had that privilege!! And I loved the way the bag and bandana were arranged on the tables – wow, what thoughtfulness went into it. Sunday brought the lovely autograph and photo session, as though these guys hadn’t already given us so much time, and I was very fortunate to get some time with Ted before he had to leave. This is the most memorable holiday I have ever had! The memory’s are etched on my mind, and I’m still living the dream that I had as a young teenager. Well done to all who had a part in arranging this reunion, and to Penny for all the hard work she put in, and especially to the guys who came and treated us like celebrities. I shall definitely return to the next one.

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