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May 28th, 2011

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In case you couldn’t tell, Reunion excitement is in the air!

Folks are making reservations, more people are emailing to ask questions every day, the stars are making their plans to attend, and this week the invitations went out to all our guests – an important and exciting milestone in the Reunion year.

Bob Hoy artwork by Patty Schantz

Original artwork of Bob Hoy by Patty Schantz
will be in the Reunion auction

This year’s beautiful invitation artwork was again provided by dedicated artist Patty Schantz. It depicts Buck, Manolito, Blue, Sam, Joe, Wind and Reno, riding hell-bent for leather, headed for a wild night in Tucson.

A talented artist who created last year’s striking portrait of Big John and Victoria, Patty didn’t always fancy herself as the best person to capture a horse, saying, “I have always wanted to draw portraits from the time I picked up crayons. And horses, but they always seemed to come out looking like ponies so I focused on people. Now that I have a few more years under my belt and have found books on horse anatomy, I’ve learned that drawing is just a matter of shades of gray from dark to light. If you can see those, then you can draw anything.”

Again this year Patty will contribute two beautiful Giclee art prints for the Reunion auction. One of Bob Hoy as Joe Butler (14″ x 18″) and the other an 18″ x 24″ print of this years invitation artwork featuring the Bunkhouse Boys. Both prints are signed by the artist.

Thank you from all the HC family to Patty for her continuing support of The High Chaparral Reunion.

The Reunion belongs to all Chaparral fans, attending or not, and the invitations demonstrate that ideal. The fans and fan sponsors host all the HC cast and crew for the big day at Old Tucson, as a way to say ‘thank you’ and honor their contribution to the show.

Whether you sponsor or attend, you’re helping bring a lot of craftspeople, artists, and hard working folks back to a place they look back on with great pride. For many of them The High Chaparral was the high point of their career. Often they can’t believe the fans of the show are inviting them to Old Tucson for a ‘thank you’ day and lunch.

You can be very proud that you help make many, many people (who are older and at a point a ‘thank you’ goes a long way) feel recognized and appreciated.

Interested in becoming a Reunion Sponsor? You’ll receive a copy of the 2011 invitation with this original artwork, and a list of other thank you perks. Visit the Sponsorship page for details.

2011 invite artThe 2011 High Chaparral Reunion invitation artwork by Patty Schantz. A full-sized original print
will be offered at the Reunion auction

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