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April 24th, 2011

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by Carlos Javier

Editor’s note: as a 14 year old, Carlos tried to get to the U.S. to attend a Reunion when he first found the fan groups in 2008. Since then he’s studied English at school, started South American-centric Facebook HC groups, and convinced his mother to join him as he travels to Tucson this October to the 2011 High Chaparral Reunion.

Hello Everyone! My name is Carlos Javier, I’m 16 years old, I’m from Venezuela, I like so much the High Chaparral; to me is the best TV Western. I saw the High Chaparral 3 or 4 years ago, I don’t remember what episode was the first which I watched… Only I remember that when it finished I said “I liked it!”, I was looking for a good Western and finally I found it! My favorite episode is “Ten little Indians” is the best, I like it because it was so hard with the kids, first the language, second everyone in the ranch said something different like we must go and come back with Cochise, another cowboy said we must to kill them, it’s a really fun episode. When the High Chaparral was by TCM almost all my relatives were with me, my grandmother, my mother, my aunt and one cousin always were with me watching the HC, it was not necessary to be together at the same place, every afternoon we were watching it.

Now I’m sure that I’ll be with all of you in Tucson, the last reunion I wanted to be there but I couldn’t, I didn’t have the American Visa, finally we got the American Visa so I’m going to be there with my mom, my grandmother would like to go with us but she doesn’t have Visa and here is really hard to get it. Now we are registered; to us is not easy to travel, even is hard to travel to Colombia! Because some laws are hurting us, but I won’t talk about my country now, if you want to know something about Venezuela you could write me or add me on Facebook, I don’t have any problem with. I think you are asking yourself, Why did he write here ? Well, I was reading the HC Newsletter and I saw something like “If you want to write an article just send it and later it’s going to be on the next HC Newsletter”. Then I say “Yeah it is going to be amazing to write on!”; I’m going to tell you what the people thinks about the High Chaparral here, hope you enjoy it!

First I must begin making a question: Why do you like the High Chaparral ? I think the High Chaparral is one of the best American Westerns because it is not a simple cowboy history, it’s about a long time ago in AZ with Cannon’s family, of course like everybody know in America have been making a lot of good westerns for many years. Here in Latin America we like all the American films, because are amazing; in my country Venezuela a lot of people loves the High Chaparral for the actors, the history and many other things, when the HC was on TCM a lot of people was commenting about! It was incredible, some of my friends said “Did you look when John Cannon said that, Did you look this, this and this…?”. Hope the HC come back soon to Latin America! Also I hope to meet you face to face in October. Thank you so much.

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