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April 24th, 2011

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Henry Darrow at Old Tucson

Henry Darrow checks out vintage photos at the Cannon ranch house during the 2009 High Chaparral Reunion at Old Tucson

What’s all the hoopla about The High Chaparral Reunion? What exactly is it, anyway?

It’s a fan-run event, not for profit, and so it’s focused on forming a personal connection with the HC guests. When you attend you help bring all the special folks who made the show back home for a reunion, and they genuinely appreciate being our guests.

Since 2003 cast, crew and fans gather to celebrate The High Chaparral. On October 21-23, 2011 loyal fans once again host a reunion for cast, crew, guest stars and production staff.

This is your chance to meet the artists who brought the Cannons, Montoyas and Bunkhouse Boys to life! Past guests include Henry Darrow (Manolito Montoya), Don Collier (Sam Butler), the late Bob Hoy (Joe Butler), Rudy Ramos (Wind), Ted Markland (Reno), and Kent McCray and Susan McCray (producer and casting) —along with a long list of guest stars, production and crew members.


Kent McCray, Susan McCray, Don Collier, Henry Darrow and Rudy Ramos discuss a fan’s question at the 2009 Reunion.

It’s a true reunion for the cast and crew, and a one of a kind time for fans of the show to meet their heroes. The weekend is filled with one-on-one time with the stars, backstage stories, watching episodes with the people who MADE them (imagine getting to hear exactly what happened when the script was shot, told by the person who was right there), question and answer time, dinner with the cast, camaraderie and fun.

A highlight is the Reunion at the Ranch at the original Cannon ranch house, located at Old Tucson Studios. During the 2009 Reunion an unbelievable number of former HC family came to meet fans, reminisce and marvel at the hundreds of people on the set. “It’s just like the old days,” was heard often. Since the house still stands, we lucky fans still get to visit the real ranch, right where the show was filmed. It’s a unique experience and one you won’t forget.

With beautiful uncut episodes, photo and autograph sessions (free hugs are frequent all weekend), new friendships with other fans and the stars of the show, a trip to the special Halloween event ‘Nightfall at Old Tucson’, and much more, it’s a chance to make new memories, new friends, and celebrate your favorite western, The High Chaparral.

To register, see the hotel venue, or see information on past gatherings visit the web site at Questions? Email

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