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February 15th, 2011

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Leif EricksonOn The High Chaparral set, Leif Erickson likes to brag about what a good cook he is. He got his chance to prove it in the series’ Thanksgiving show. He actually cooked the turkey seen in the last scene. He stuffed it with his own special bread dressing with oysters, sage and chestnuts.

Linda Cristal

Linda Cristal has already used some of her High Chaparral loot to surprise her 2 young sons with a gift of 2 Welsh ponies. They’ll be spending time with Linda on location in Arizona where they’ve also been promised they can take horseback riding lessons.

Henry DarrowHenry Darrow, of NBC’s The High Chaparral, uses Indian sign language frequently in the 1967-68 series. He has learned 300 signs. His only problem now is to find Indians around the location site near Tucson, Airz. who know how to talk back.

Don CollierDon Collier, High Chaparral’s ranch foreman Sam Butler, took a screen punch from legendary John Wayne in ‘The War Wagon’. After it was over, Collier, on the receiving end of Wayne’s powerful left, told set onlookers that it was the most lethal movie punch he’d ever taken.

WindActor Cameron Mitchell, who plays Buck Cannon on The High Chaparral television show, welcomes Rudy Ramos, 19-year old newcomer, to the Cannon family. Ramos, as a new regular character, Wind, will play Buck’s half-breed son, starting with the series’ first show of the news season.

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