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August 2nd, 2008

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July 9, 2007

Speaking of Don Whaley, The High Chaparral cameraman had this to say in a recent letter: ‘You produce a highly intelligent, well-written newsletter and I’m grateful that you sent it. The general quality of the photos, IN COLOR YET, speaks well for the entire operation. As I understand it, one of the goals is to prod whomever has the final say to release HIGH CHAPARRAL to market on DVD.’ It’s difficult to figure as BONANZA has been bouncing aroundfor a number of years, first on VHS and currently on DVDs. And this while an L.A. channel (30) runs chopped-up BONANZA’s one-a-day, five days a week. They gotta be wearing out the sprocket holes. I don’t get the politics of it at all. In my later years I ran a camera on TAXI and CHEERS, and they’ve been available in the after market for a long time.’

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