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December 12th, 2010

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Cameron Mitchell

Cameron Mitchell

Vintage reprint from the Tucson Daily Citizen
July 1, 1070

There are nuts and there are golf nuts. Cameron Mitchell, the ne’er-do-well, devil-may-care Buck Cannon of High Chaparral, is a little of both.

One may be considered a golf nut when he plays the game at every possible opportunity. Mitchell does. His wife gripes in the tradition of golf widows everywhere. Mitchell’s retort is a simple, “Would you rather have me chasing skirts?”

One must be considered a nut when he possesses at least 10,000 golf clubs. Mitchell claims that many in storage in Switzerland. I took that figure with a grain of salt when I first heard it from Mitchell, but after trying to jam my clubs in the trunk of his car last weekend I became a believer.

He had no less than 51 sticks, two golf bags and three pair of golf shoes cluttering up his Cadillac. When he teed it up at Meadow Hills Country Club in Nogales, the only thing left in the trunk were two pair of golf shoes.

Among his weapons were two of the most illegal golf clubs in captivity. One is a putter given to him by Deane Beman. Mitchell has twisted it beyond recognition, loaded it with lead tape, and identifies it as his chipping iron. He’s a magician with that monster.

His ultimate weapon is a putter that looks like something a drunken plumber would use to snake a sewer. It weighs in excess of 12 pounds. It looks like a reject from a Rube Goldberg invention cartoon. Mitchell makes it do tricks. On Meadow Hills’ greens. the bet putting surfaces I’ve played in Arizona, the television star lagged the ball like a champion an knocked down more than his fair share of slipper short putts

A Tough 12

Mitchell scored the first nine in three over par, but struggled the second time around when he got wild with his driver. He claims to be a 12 handicapper. He’s better than that if he’s in the mood to play. He doesn’t like to gamble at golf, but would up a winner in our round-robin match.

Cameron Mitchell

Cameron Mitchell

“I like to bet the dogs,” said Mitchell, who is a steady customer at Greyhound Parks, “but I enjoy golf too much to spoil it with gambling.

“I’ve played the game for years. My real problem is that I’m a compulsive club buyer. I’ve got a real collection. In fact, I’ve got more than 100 clubs in my hotel room right now. You think I don’t catch the devil from my wife, having those things scattered all over the place?”

Mitchell once scored a hole-in-one with a putter. He aced a 192-yard hole at Fox Hills in Los Angeles.

“I was playing badly and when I asked my partner for help in selecting a club for that par-three, he cracked, ‘The way you’re hitting it, you might as well use a putter.’ I retorted that I could get it at least hole high with a putter and he said he’d give me $50 if I could.

“I pulled the shot something terrible. It bounced off every bump in the rough and fairway and rolled in the cup. When we reported it to the professional, he got mad. He growled that I was making a travesty of the game. In any case, Time Magazine reported it as the longest successful putt on record. They ruined the story by adding that I shot 96.”

Rat Patrol

Mitchell enjoyed himself with reckless abandon at Meadow Hills. He brought his two sons (age six and nine) along. They took turns driving his golf cart. They knew only one speed – full bore. Meadow Hills has cliffs that make Skyline Country Club look like a river bottom. He implanted a Rat Patrol image in their heads and they played the role to the hilt. He never once complained about their lack of driving ability. He got miffed when they left him to chase ground squirrels and one other time when big brother slipped the cart in reverse and lured little brother into almost backing into daddy while daddy was addressing an approach shot.

After the round, he took a dip in the pool. Not unusual except for the fact that he removed only his shoes and socks. He explained that his shirt and shorts were used to that sort of double duty.

“It’s the next best thing to skinny dipping. The only bad thing is that sometimes I forget I’ve got money in my pockets and it sticks together.”

Wouldn’t be bad, to be stuck with a problem like that except who wants to be eccentric?

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