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October 26th, 2010

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by Linda Cristal and Tina Sweet Linda Cristal

I’m sure just the title of this story got your attention. When you think about Linda Cristal and Cary Grant, your next thought doesn’t immediately turn to baseball! I checked in with Linda prior to the opening week of football season. And because my football team would be playing their arch rivals on Sunday Night football, I was very excited about it, and our discussion turned to sports. Linda is a big fan of soccer and basketball. She hates baseball – “because it is boring, too slow!” However, she has been to several baseball games. Why would she go to a baseball game when she doesn’t like baseball? That’s when she told me the most wonderful story about Cary Grant and baseball. For her fans in Argentina and South America, she graciously included a Spanish translation. Also for her fans in Argentina, Linda tells me she saw a member of the press from Buenos Aires last month in Beverly Hills. They were quite taken with her. They told her she looked incredibly young and beautiful with skin like a china doll! Spanish Translation from Linda Cary Grant. El hombre mas buen mozo y mas carismatico del mundo! Estabamos los dos trabajando en los estudios de la Universal. Yo, como una principiante recien “importada” de Mexico. El como toda su vida como un superstar. El departamento de publicidad del estudio decidio usar su figura publica alrededor del mundo para avanzar el lanzamiento de su nueva estrella. Resultado: una sesion de fotos en el “back lot” con Cary abrazandome, mirandome a los ojos como solo Cary Grant puede hacerlo. Nuestros labios casy rozandose. Inolvidable! Al dia siguiente me envio una nota a mi camerino para invitarme a ver un partido de baseball. “Baseball?” me pregunte. Ja ja… Odio el baseball estan aburrido, tan lento! Pero quien en su sana razon le dice “no” a Cary Grant? El hombre es un mago del romance. Ademas, cuando yo lo miraba durante el partido lo veia en mi imaginacion en cada una de sus peliculas enamorando a Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, solo que yo tomaba el lugar de cada una de ellas. Un partido de baseball Dos partidos de baseball Tres partidos de baseball… Hasta que un dia Gracias a Dios tuvo que irse a locaciones y se acabaron los partidos. Pero empezaron las cartas los llamados por telefono… Y quien le dice que no A Cary Grant! English Translation for the rest of us, as told by Linda Cristal: “Cary Grant—the most handsome and charismatic man in the world! We were both working at Universal Studios. I was new in town, recently “imported” from Mexico, and he was a superstar!” The studio publicity department decided to use his public figure around the world to advance the launch of their new star. As a result, there was a photo shoot on the back lot with Cary embracing me, looking into my eyes as only Cary Grant can – our lips almost brushing easily. Unforgettable!” “The following day, he sent a note to my dressing room inviting me to a baseball game. Baseball? I asked myself. I hate baseball – it is boring, so slow! But who in their right mind says “no” to Cary Grant! The man is a magician at romance. When I looked at him during the game I saw in him in his movies making love to Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, but instead of them, I put myself in their place.” “One baseball game, two baseball games, three baseball games… Until one day, thank God, I had to go on locations and the baseball games were over. Then the letters and phone calls started. I was travelling all over the country – 28 locations in 30 days. He sent letters all over the place trying to locate me.” She still has a letter from Cary Grant she framed asking “Where are you?” linda cristalNow… the rest of the story It sounds like it ended there. Cary went his way; Linda went her way. Until Linda’s daughter-in-law found this cool video from the Hollywood Foreign Film Awards. Her date at the award show was none other than guess who—Cary Grant! Click here to view the video: Linda at Hollywood Foreign Film Awards, from archives. You know what they say about inquiring minds. I saw the video clip and wanted to hear more – obviously there was more to this story! A dear fan of Linda’s from Argentina contacted her. Linda told her the baseball story, and that prompted more questions. How could she have resisted cooing from Cary Grant? What happened? So as Paul Harvey would say, “Here is the rest of the story!” Linda CristalLinda said, “One of my dear fans in Argentina sent me a letter with a dynamite question! The answer is in a Pandora’s Box… I think. She asked why the relationship with Cary Grant did not go on after he searched for me everywhere under the sun. She couldn’t understand how I could resist his cooing. I was travelling with one of my films doing 28 cities in one month and had left after his ‘introduction to baseball.’ I didn’t find the answer in Pandora’s elements. I didn’t have to open the box. I knew why.” “At the time, I was about to marry a very special man, Yale Wexler, who now is the father of my two sons. We had met at the same time, and Cary looked ominous to me with his passion for baseball. But now I ask myself, ‘If I had to decide it all over again, and my marriage to Yale had not been eminent (just a week away) or Cary’s baseball habit, what would my choice have been? Both men were so handsome, charismatic, wealthy and special.” Linda feels very blessed with choice she made. While Linda and husband, Yale Wexler, were only married for 6 years, they remained very close friends. What would it have taken for Linda to choose Cary Grant? “If I had chosen Cary he would have had to sign an iron tight prenup to extradite baseball out of his life forever!!!” Looks like Cary would have had to switch to soccer or basketball! Linda Cristal on Facebook FacebookLinda is now on Facebook! Send her a friend invitation and post a message on her wall. There are several other pages that pay tribute to Linda that are really great, but this is the only page where you can correspond directly with Linda Cristal!

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