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June 10th, 2010

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Have you ever wanted your very own message from Manolito, Victoria, Sam or Reno? It’s easier to get than you think! Out West Entertainment, founded and run by Ginny Shook, sells personally autographed photos of The High Chaparral stars. “I also run websites and arrange bookings for them at Western festivals and celebrity events,” said Shook, who is webmaster for a long list of sites.

Out West Entertainment features photos from Linda Cristal (Victoria Cannon), Henry Darrow (Manolito Montoya), Don Collier (Sam Butler), Ted Markland (Reno), and Rudy Ramos (Wind). Fans can also purchase CDs from Rudy, Linda, Henry and Don. Every item can be autographed with a special message and personalized specifically for the fan or as a gift. “Mr. James Victor is also on the site and he’s my only non-High Chaparral client. He’s a good friend of Rudy, Henry and the late Bobby Hoy (and Marie Gomez, who played Perlita).He is a multi-talented, versatile actor, and I always wonder how HC didn’t get around to casting him,” Ginny said.

Bob Hoy, Ginny Shook, and Don Collier

Bob Hoy, Ginny Shook and Don Collier at Festival of the West in 2006

Although she initially had no background in web design Ginny became interested in making a website for Bobby Hoy. After learning the basics from Sandy Sturdavent, former HC website master, opportunity struck: Sandy needed to give up managing her websites, including “Sandy was a great teacher. I couldn’t believe I was working with Don Collier.” Ginny said. Her original dream of launching a site for Bobby Hoy meant she needed to talk to the famous stuntman and High Chaparral star, a scary prospect for a timid fan. “I’d always been too shy to contact Don but I bit the bullet and asked him if he would ask Bobby for me. Don called Bobby right away and then provided me with his phone number.” It was a tough call to make but Shook found herself talking to the real Joe Butler, who quickly became enthused about the project, sending stacks of photos. “Bobby took an active role in the design of his site.”

A face to face meeting soon followed at Festival of the West in Phoenix. “I was so nervous! Would they say ‘Hi, nice to meet you’ and that would be it? Or would I get the chance to spend some quality time with them? I never should have doubted their warmness – they greeted me with hugs and kisses and immediately pulled a chair between them,” Shook remembered. For three days she asked questions, listened to stories, and felt like a family member, attending parties with other celebrities including a dinner with Hoy, Collier, Robert Fuller and Morgan Woodward. “Oh, the stories I heard! These great cowboy gentlemen had such an incredible history in movies and TV and were consummate story tellers. I think everyone in the place was hanging on their every word.”

With such heady surroundings, Shook knew she could promote the HC stars for further bookings at similar festivals. Hoy and Collier agreed. She suggested selling personally autographed photos online as well. “Bobby called Henry, Rudy, Linda and Ted and told them the plan. With their permission he provided me their phone numbers. Then I nervously called them myself and it took off from there.

Visit Out West Entertainment to see each of the High Chaparral celebrity photos and CDs.

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