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April 25th, 2010

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By W. St. Germain

To the Readers:

AppaloosaI would like to thank you for your feedback about my Feb 2010 Appaloosa article and for pointing out that the horses ridden by James Arness and James Drury were not pure breed appaloosas. I was of two minds about this and everything I could find to try and confirm it either way said they both rode appaloosas. I could kick myself because I was going to invite readers to confirm this as I had a feeling they might be crosses. Lesson here, follow your hunches!

However, this has shown me what Penny has said all along; namely, what great people the newsletter readers are. I really do appreciate the feedback and the fact that people were so courteous in the way they pointed out that the horses were cross breeds and not pure.

By the way, the fact that James Drury rode an animal that was only 1/8 appaloosa shows how dominant the leopard gene can be. It is still recognisable yet only ‘distant’ as breeding goes. My sons would laugh and say, ‘There she goes again. Mum can’t help turning everything into a science lesson!’ (They’re right, I really must get out more).

It also illustrates another point. That the leopard gene’s expression in each appaloosa is unique means that each animal’s markings are unique. The possibilities that can appear as a result of carrying the gene are numerous and make it difficult in some cases, to do more than recognise its presence in a horse. This is part of the fun of the breed. They are all so very different in appearance yet so recognisable as a whole. This, and the fact that the appaloosa is the only breed I’ve ever owned, is why I chose to write about them first.

Nonetheless, I do apologise to everyonefor being inaccurate in suggesting the animals were purebreeds. As I said, every reference I could track down said they were even though I wondered if there might be some mix in them.

Next time, if I am unsure about something, I will be asking for your comments!

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