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February 22nd, 2010

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Bob HoyWire article, 1967

Bob Hoy is a member of the regular cast of the NBC television network’s new “The High Chaparral” color series, but he had to take a pay cut to get the job. Hoy, one of the top stuntmen in Hollywood for the past 10 years, decided he wanted to take a shot at acting as a career, and producer David Dortort gave him his chance when he signed him to portray Joe, one of John Cannon’s ranch hands on the High Chaparral.

“Hollywood is a land of illusion,” explains Bob. “They pay good money and put in plenty of hard work to make the viewer think that what he is seeing really happened. If the man who was hired to fall off a horse in place of John Wayne starts shooting off his mouth about how he did the fall while Wayne sat and watched, it disillusions the viewers.”

Bob HoyWas Stuntman

How says that a good, dependable stuntman can make 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year – but no matter how good he is, he’ll be out of work if he doesn’t hold his tongue! “The best men in the business are almost completely unknown by Hollywood reporters. They come to work, draw their assignment, settle on a price for doing it, do it, open their wallet – and shut their mouth.”

“Whenever a star decides that he’ll do his own fall a hundred people hold their breath and cross their fingers,” says Hoy. “If the star cracks his head it means that all of those people are out of work until he gets better. If a stuntman breaks a leg they just call in another stuntman.”

Now that Hoy is an actor he doesn’t do his own stunts any more. A stuntman has been hired to do his dangerous work.

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