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February 22nd, 2010

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Actor Robert Fuller, a 1989 Golden Boot recipient, represented the Golden Boot committee as he presented the 2010 award to his longtime friend on Thursday, Jan. 28 in the penthouse suite at Northridge Hospital, as more than 60 friends and cohorts gave Hoy a standing ovation.

It marked the first time the Golden Boot was given to an honoree in the hospital, and the last time the award would be presented. The annual award and its related induction event ended in 2007; there were no honorees in 2008 or 2009.

Among those on hand to honor Hoy were Dick Jones,Wyatt McCrea, Gregg Balmer, Bruce Boxleitner, Andrew Prine, Heather Lowe, John Strong, Morgan Woodward, Jennifer Savitch (Fuller’s wife), Martin Kove, Peter Brown, Dave Snowden, Billy Burton, Terry Leonard, Diane McClure (Doug’s widow) and Bob Word.

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