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July 25th, 2008

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by Penny McQueen
March 24, 2007

Ted Markland as Reno

Ted Markland as Reno

Flip through your cable guide for a blast from the past listing of the shows that defined a generation’s cultural psyche. From Bonanza to Hill Street Blues , Wild Wild West to TJ Hooker, a parade of journeymen character actors inhabited Cagney and Lacey one week, Father Murphy the next. With over 80 TV and movie roles to his credit, Ted Markland’s considerable talents contributed to those and many more, including Dallas, Murder, She Wrote, Baywatch, and The High Chaparral.

“I told David Dortort, give me something to say besides, ‘Riders coming!’ Ted said in a recent phone interview from his home in California. “Then Dortort yelled for someone to get him more silent actors because here was another one wanting a bigger part.”

Despite his long career, Ted’s affection for his role as Reno in The High Chaparral is evident. “I still get fan mail. All from women,” he joked in a deep voice. “But it’s a crime no one at the network or studio is interested in a reunion movie or releasing the show on DVD. I talked to Dortort years ago about an idea for a movie, but now half of us are gone.”

Ted Markland today

Ted Markland today

The first reunion in 2003 was a time for many of the cast and crew to see each other after a long absence. Markland had kept busy guest starring in TV shows after his tenure as Reno, such as Rockford Files, The Fall Guy, The A-Team. “I’d seen Bobby (Bob Hoy, Joe Butler from The High Chaparral), but the reunions are a great time to talk to people. Just talk, that’s important. To everyone on the show, to fans. At the first one, people came up to me, said, ‘I thought you were dead’,” he laughed. “Reno’s not dead. But at my age, I’m Reno’s dad.”

Ted missed the 2005 reunion because of heart surgery. “You wouldn’t believe all the cards I got from fans, it was wonderful.” Thankfully, these days he’s healthy and busy with his life and career. “I’m feeling great and looking forward to seeing everyone. I go to every show I can. Seeing people, talking to people, it’s important.”

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