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June 29th, 2009

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By Rusty LaGrange

Mark Slade, Cameron Mitchell, Henry Darrow in The High ChaparralHey there HCers,
I’ve been a bit quiet lately but I just had to remind you all ONE MORE TIME, that now is the time to quit straddling the fence. If you plan to see the best of High Chaparral, see the stars that make us melt, watch the high quality DVD episodes without commercial interruption, and be at the original sites of filming locations of the best TV Western, then now is the time to get your registrations in for the utmost Tucson-live event ever. Time’s a-wasting.

Three days..THREE DAYS!!! of terrific fans, fun, food, photos, fantastic landscape, shopping (if you can make the time, that is) and the most memories that you can stuff in a camera!!

I can’t emphasize how cool this event is. Okay, so, I’m on the Posse to help organize your transportation on busses to the events, and I’m working hard on your name tags. That’s a whole other thing. I could tell you what they look like but why spoil the surprise…

You just have to show up to see them <grin>

So we gave you a glimpse of the auction items, and you can download photos of La Posada and look around Tucson and all that right on your computer. What you are really gonna miss is the pure enchantment of being able to talk with, dine with, pal around with and stand goofy-footed and all smiley at your Western heroes.

I’ve been on the HCDG (ed. note: High Chaparral Discussion Group) list for 10 years and I even get all blushy and gushy for celebs I haven’t met yet. But, hey, we all get that way. That’s no excuse to be shy and miss the entertainment and graciousness of all the people who helps bring HC to your TV.

And now is the time to get the lowest price before the costs jump.

Do it now. For those of you who made sponsor donations to the event…Thank you very much! Oh, and congratulations to all the fans who have already registered… there’s a lot of good times ahead and overwhelming memories you’ll be taking home and reliving in your heart over and over again. Believe me. I know.

Best to You,


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