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May 15th, 2009

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by Jan Pippins

Henry Darrow Biography Lightning in a BottleHenry Darrow’s upcoming biography Lightning in a Bottle is the intimate portrait of a professional performer, a slice of show-business history, a short-course on acting technique and a lesson in surviving Hollywood fame. It is a joint project. Darrow’s ongoing involvement ensures the book’s accuracy and infuses it with his own distinctive spark.

Best known for his portrayal of sexy, complex Manolito Montoya in The High Chaparral, Darrow has been a working actor for over fifty years. He considers himself primarily a character actor, but his stage and screen career spans dramas, comedies, musicals, romances and adventures, encompassing bit-parts and award-winning performances. His talent, charisma, integrity and intense dedication to his craft have sustained him in a profession not known for longevity.

One of the first Hispanic actors to achieve prominence in non-stereotypical roles, he opened doors for those who came later through both his career and as one of the founding members of Nosotros, an organization devoted to enhancing opportunities for Hispanics in the performing arts. He has been a mentor, teacher, inspiration and friend to countless actors and actresses.

Loved as a person and performer, respected for his absolute professionalism, Darrow is a biographer’s dream. He has a phenomenal memory for detail, an extensive memorabilia collection and friends and family happy to talk about him.

Henry Darrow Biography Lightning in a Bottle

The many faces of Henry Darrow

Although Darrow is the star, his biography includes interviews and anecdotes from many contributors: director Raymond Austin, boxing promoter Al Bernstein, actress/comedienne Ruth Buzzi, writer Harry Cason, actor Don Collier, actress Linda Cristal, Darrow’s brother Dennis Delgado and cousin Solange Delgado, actress Marie Gomez, actor John Hertzler, university professor Robert Jacobs, screenwriter Richard Leder, actor Denis Lehane, Darrow’s wife actress Lauren Levian, director Lee Lowrimore, actress Patrice Martinez, producer Kent McCray, casting director/radio host Susan McCray, director Francisco Menendez, actor Denny Miller, actor Dan Morris, actor/aviation industry entrepreneur Eric Paisley, actor Rudy Ramos, director Dorothy Rankin, publicist/writer Luis Reyes, journalist/poet Miluka Rivera, actress Sally Struthers, actor James Victor and actor Morgan Woodward.

Interviews are still being conducted. Anyone with recollections to share about Henry Darrow, please contact author Jan Pippins at For updates on progress and publication, visit our website designed by Penny McQueen:

He was everything a director could ever possibly want. I call him ‘lightning in the bottle’ because he would show up ready to go. Take one, he’s great!
~Francisco Menendez

It’s my passion. I’m there to do my best. Rehearsals are a step back, because I’ll be well-prepared and other people won’t be. I research the part. I have all of my dialogue memorized, then work in my interpretation, my own personality, where it works and where it doesn’t. Somebody says it’s not competitive and I say, oh yes it is! Be ready, guys!
~ Henry Darrow

When Henry Darrow came onto the set, it was like the sun came up.
~Linda Cristal

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