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May 15th, 2009

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by Tanja Konstantaki

I was nine when the Cannons, the Montoyas and the bunkhouse boys first rode into our living room. It was magic, from the very first moment I was enchanted by the series. Arizona became my dream world and the ranch my home.

High Chaparral ranch house at Old Tucson, photo by Penny McQueen

High Chaparral ranch house at Old Tucson, photo by Penny McQueen

When I planned to attend the reunion in 2007 I just knew I would have to visit the ranch in Old Tucson as well, so after the reunion a small group of enthusiastic fans crossed the desert and headed for the Cannon Ranch. Although I had seen the landscape a thousand times on TV (and in my dreams) nothing could have prepared me for the breathtaking view of slopes covered with saguaros against a clear blue sky.

It was the country we had traveled over a thousand miles to see, just as the Cannon family had.

When we neared Old Tucson I braced myself, after all I’m a ‘two-feet-on-the-ground’ woman and things are not always what they seem on TV. We walked up to the ranch, and my heart skipped a beat. I was nine again. This was the house I had dreamed of so often when I was little. It was real. It felt like coming home. I could not help myself and tears were trickling down my cheeks. It felt like the High Chaparral, the heat, the dust, the whinnying of the horses. Any time Reno would shout “Riders coming” and Buck and Blue would come riding in after a hard day’s work.

High Chaparral Ranch House at Old Tucson

Side view of the Cannon Ranch House
Photo by Tanja Konstantaki

One of the best things is that I was able to share this with kindred souls. Imagine what it will be like this year, when a large group of fans are going to visit the Old Tucson set together!
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