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April 16th, 2009

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Buck and John cariacture

Buck and John cariacture

The story of The High Chaparral has inspired a series of caricatures by artist Walter Fornero.

An avid fan from Argentina, he created this tribute to the Cannons, Montoyas, and Bunkhouse Boys, as he explains, “I’ve been devoted to cartoons for a long time and in this case I’m inspired by the great love and admiration I feel for The High Chaparral’s characters. Doing these cartoons was a way to give back all that enjoyment I’ve had watching this great series here in Argentina. And still get, of course!”

Fornero’s HC artwork currently includes Big John, Buck, Blue, Manolito, Victoria, Sam and Joe Butler, Pedro and Vaquero.

Manolito and Blue
It’s been featured on, generating many comments and email from fans. Hearing from people around the world has been a pleasant surprise for him. “I’m happy to share with people, and display the pictures I do. It’s the objective of an artist, I’m fulfilled when someone sees and recognizes my work,” he said. You can email him your comments as well.

Check out Walter’s website for more examples of his art, or to purchase your own copy of The High Chaparral cast caricatures.

Plan to attend The High Chaparral Reunion and with luck you might be able to ask Walter to sign your copy, because he hopes to come to the reunion, too. “One of my dreams is to be able to attend the next reunion of The High Chaparral in Tucson.”

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