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November 1st, 2008

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Christmas is just around the corner, what do you have on your wish list? It’s surprisingly easy to fill your personal HC fan stocking.

Here are just a few Chaparral items, but the enterprising HC shopper can easily come up with more.

Linda Cristal's CD Victoria

Linda Cristal CD ‘Victoria’.

Check out ebay – the garage sale of the world – for random treasures related to the show. Or clean out your old trunk and share those old fan magazines you’ve held on to for 40 years with everyone else! Here’s what was on ebay lately:

  • Rudy Ramos CD

    Rudy Ramos CD, ‘Hard Knocks and Bad Times’.

    copy of the 1969 The High Chaparral Whitman book Apache Way

  • Vintage TV prop saloon shot glass used on the show
  • HC Annuals
  • TV cards, posters, paperback books

Have a wonderful Holiday shopping season!

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