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October 28th, 2008

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Linda Cristal, TV Guide Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…but not always.

For example, diamonds are not a girls best friend if the girl (such as Linda Cristal of NBC’s The High Chaparral) happens to have an extensive collection of American Indian jewelry at a time (such as right now) when American Indian artifacts are skyrocketing in value and popularity. Linda bought her first piece several years ago, when the pilot for Chaparral was being filmed near Tucson. Since then she has built up a wide array of Navaho and Zuni jwewlry, which she models here. Her bracelets and necklaces, all hand-made (of silver and coral), left: silver and turquosie, at right), go well with her fresh and feminine Mexican dresses. Collections, of course, tend to expand, and Linda’s now includes the pre-Columbian figures and necklaces seen below. Linda’s collection, worth $5000 today, is steadily increasing in value, but she keeps it for decorative rather than financial purposes. And decorate is someting that it does extremely well.

Linda Cristal TV Guide article

Vintage TV Guide article on Linda Cristal

Thank you to HC fan and newsletter reader
Sandy Oster for generously sharing this vintage TV Guide article.

Sandy also sent scans from Linda’s appearance on Hollywood Squares, as well as a favorite book many will remember.

Linda Cristal TV Guide

High Chaparral BookHigh Chaparral Book

Thanks Sandy!

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