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October 28th, 2008

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There’s so much talk about the Reunion – what exactly happens at one?

Great question and you asked at exactly the right time, since the schedule of events was just announced for the 2009 Reunion.

The event is called a Reunion because it originated as a way to honor the cast and crew of The High Chaparral, and provide an event that allowed all of them to reconnect – a true Reunion of the actors, directors, producers, and crew. It also gave fans an opportunity to meet their heroes, hear behind the scenes stories, talk with other fans, and watch the show.

The 2009 The High Chaparral Reunion promises to be very special, since we’re returning to the original ranch set at Old Tucson Studios. The Q&A with the cast and crew, which always yields wonderful stories, will without a doubt be incredible, at the actual High Chaparral ranch.

Read about past reunions and future plans at The High Chaparral Reunion Website. We’re fortunate to have videos available from the 2005 reunion, so you can experience a tiny bit of what it’s like to attend. The reality is much more fun – a bit like being on the ranch with the Cannons, Montoyas, and Bunkhouse Boys! Thank you to Ginny for taking and posting these videos for all to enjoy.

Don Collier and Bob Hoy at the 2005 High Chaparral Reunion

Don Collier and Bob Hoy at the 2005 High Chaparral Reunion

Bob Hoy (High Chaparral’s Joe Butler) listens to Don Collier (HC foreman Sam Butler)
talk about the turkey from the episode For What We Are About To Receive, at the 2005 High Chaparral Reunion.
This video has been watched over 25,000 times on YouTube!

Rudy Ramos at the 2005 High Chaparral Reunion

Rudy Ramos at the 2005 High Chaparral Reunion

Rudy Ramos (Wind) at the 2005 High Chaparral Reunion, talking about the fine education
he received on the set – especially from the Bunkhouse Boys.

Would you be able to tell me if the ranch had a brand?? And if so, would you tell/show me what it was? I have not been able to locate it. I am looking on the website but have not found any information about it yet.
Cindi La Bash, 8/14/08

Interesting how High Chaparral questions seem to run in themes, as this item came up in June as well, so branding must be on several fans minds.

The High Chaparral did have a brand, and it was seen in several episodes. Kent McCray, producer of the show, told me how the brand was made. You can read about that and see it in an episode clip in the Newsletter Archives.

The Montoya brand wasn’t shown that I know of, although I’ve never specifically looked for it, but Manolito did wear a specific belt buckle that was very much like a brand – a big ‘M’ with an arrow through it.

At the beginning of each 45-min-episode you could see a red Indian standing on the top of a mountain, a wonderful picture. Have you got that as a jpg.-file would be great, cheers.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Johann -Georg Gross

The color plates that appear at the beginning of each episode were based on scenes from the original pilot. If you look closely you can identify the individual shots in the pilot. The Apache standing on the cliffs are in blue, while the ones riding horses are in red.

Although the original artwork from the show was destroyed, you can see copies of the opening color plates on The High Chaparral Website.

Red Panel from the introduction of each episode of The High Chaparral

Red Panel from the introduction of each episode of The High Chaparral

Can you tell me if the character of Annalee as the wife of John Cannon living for such a little time was always planned in the history of the ranch? Or were there last minute changes because of Linda Cristal, so she could be worked into the series?
Genaro Gil Vasquez

Because of Linda’s incredible talent and beauty, fans often ask this. I have a copy of an early version pilot script. In it Annalee dies in the first half, and John marries Victoria.

But our best source of information is Kent McCray, since he read the very first, original pilot script (read this archived newsleter story about the first time Kent heard about The High Chaparral) and so I went right to the best source. According to Kent, “Joan Caulfield (Annalee Cannon) was always to have been married to John Cannon when they first arrived at The High Chaparral and she was never set to star in the show – it was always written that she is killed in the pilot.  And the entire script idea of Montoyas and Cannons was set up in the pilot script by Denne Petitclerc.”

Susan McCray added, “Joan Caulfield was a lovely actress. All were very pleased that she would portray the role of Annalee in the pilot script. She knew, when she accepted the role, that if the show was picked up as a series by the network, she would not be around. The pilot was to be her character’s ‘swan song’.”

Watch this video clip from The first half of The High Chaparral pilot, Destination Tucson, showing Joan Caulfield’s last scene as Annalee Cannon. It also features Rudolfo Acosta as Vaquero. Alert fans will notice Annalee’s windchimes in the background.

Annalee Cannons last scene

Annalee Cannon's last scene

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