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August 17th, 2008

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The timeless and universal appeal of The High Chaparral was proven yet again when the show was rebroadcast in South America. As new fans discovered the show and older fans reconnected, the need for a Spanish language based source of information continued to grow. In order to answer the questions and emails of Latino fans, a Spanish translation of the Newsletter is now available.

Luisa watches High Chaparral

Luisa watches The High Chaparral
from her home in Chile, as her family helps translate articles about the show into Spanish for fans around the world.

Providing the translations is a labor of love for High Chaparral fans Plinio Orellana, his wife Luisa, brother Sergio, and brother-in-law Alfredo. Plinio and his family all plan to attend the 2009 High Chaparral Reunion in Tucson.  The October date has special significance, since it will be Plinio’s 42nd birthday.  “A great man named John  Cannon once said, ‘I have a dream’, and mine is to manage to be in Tucson in October of 2009. If God wills it, I’ll be living my own Destination Tucson, from Chile,” he said.

Like all fans, the Orellana family loves every HC episode, although Henry Darrow has a special place in their hearts.  “In general, I prefer those in which Manolito stands out, because I feel very identified with the values he displays. Since what he often shows are very similar to those of all customs agents like myself (the uniformed Chilean police), such as loyalty, values, comradeship, meeting the test, and a permanent sense of humor – he’s my hero!”

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