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August 7th, 2008

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Director Joseph Pevney died May 18, 2008
Diector Joseph Pevney died May 18th, 2008,
at his home in Palm Desert

Remembering Joseph Pevney

Talented director Joseph Pevney passed away May 18th at his home in Palm Desert. Well known as the director of some of the best loved episodes of the original Star Trek, including City on the Edge of Forever and The Trouble with Tribbles. High Chaparral fans owe him a debt of gratitude for directing a total of eight episodes:

The Promised Land
Buffalo Soldiers
Tornado Frances
Shadow of the Wind
A Way of Justice
The Last Hundred Miles

Once on a Day in Spring
Pale Warrior

Susan and Kent McCray sent their very special memories of Joseph Pevney to share with all The High Chaparral family. Click here to listen to this touching message from Susan McCray:

His obituary is listed is here. Our sympathies to Mr. Pevney’s friends and family. In tribute to his talents, here are scenes from a few of the episodes he gave us.

Linda Cristal as Victoria Cannon and Cameron Mitchell as Buck Cannon in High Chaparral episode, Shadow of the Wind
Shadow of the Wind

Buck and Victoria discuss the bunkhouse boys new game – polo – in this scene from Shadow of the Wind.

Don Collier as Sam Butler, Mark Slade as Blue Cannon in High Chaparral episode Buffalo Soldiers
Shadow of the Wind
Sam Butler attempts fancy riding in this scene from Buffalo Soldiers

Denny Miller and Cameron Mitchell as Buck Cannon in High Chaparral Episode Way of Justice
Shadow of the Wind
Buck Cannon discovers the man in Big John’s clothes (Denny Miller playing Kolos) is not what he appears to be,
in this scene from A Way of Justice.

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