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August 7th, 2008

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March 10, 2008

by Penny McQueen

Linda Cristal

Linda Cristal

In February we celebrate the second cast Chaparral birthday of the year – Linda Cristal. Born on February 23rd, during her tenure as one of Hollywood’s hottest starlets, Linda – like many of her contemporaries – kept the press guessing about the actual year of her birthdate. There are conflicting reports in the popular press of the 50’s and 60’s concerning Ms. Cristal’s age, and according to HCDG moderator Tina Sweet, Linda still keeps her fans guessing.

“Linda’s birthday has been reported in many different publications as the 24th and 25th, so I emailed her son Greg several years ago, and he set me straight on the correct date. It’s February 23rd,” Tina said recently.

“He also told me he and his brother discovered at an early age the women didn’t like to reveal their age. They tried several times – unsuccessfully – to get their mother to reveal hers.” Deciding a little Sherlock Holmes work was in order, the boys plotted. One night while working a jigsaw puzzle, Greg asked, “Mom how old were you when I was born.” Linda thought for a moment and replied, he had an answer and said, “Ah ha!” Greg said he received one of the looks Victoria used to give Manolito when she was upset with him.

The good news is, he lived to tell the story. And being a smart young man, he was careful not to reveal his mother’s age when sharing the anecdote.

To all her fans, Linda Cristal will always be Victoria Montoya Cannon no matter what her age, so Happy Birthday to the first lady of The High Chaparral.

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