February 18th, 2016

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Buffalo Soldiers Book


From the American Revolution to the present day, African Americana repeatedly have stepped forward in their nation’s defense.   Although the story of black participation in the U.S. armed forces has been told elsewhere, Fighting for Uncle Sam breathes new vitality into the subject with an emphasis on the role African American soldiers played in opening the Trans-Mississippi West.  This comprehensive, expertly researched study reveals that the course for blacks serving in the U.S. Army on the frontier was not smooth, straight, or unobstructed.  Indeed, blacks in uniform continually fought on two fronts—against enemies who faced them with bullets and arrows, and a less tangible yet very real foe—discrimination.

Fighting for Uncle Sam reveals a cast of characters as big as the land where they served including Henry O. Flipper, Chaplain Allen Allensworth, Charles Young, Fredric Remington, Benjamin Grierson, and a host of equally interesting, but all too often unknown or forgotten blacks in Army blue, while at the same time weaves sound military history into the broader context of social history while hundreds of images painstakingly gathered for more than four decades from public and private collections enhance the written word as windows to the past.  The reader literally can peer into the eyes of formerly enslaved men who bravely bought their freedom on the bloody battlefields of the Civil War, then trekked westward to earn honor as “buffalo soldiers,” carried the Stars and Stripes to the Caribbean and Pacific as the United States expanded its influence beyond its shores, and pursued Pancho Villa into Mexico with John “Black Jack” Pershing.  These visual links to a bygone era combined with a compelling narrative are meant to inspire, enlighten, entertain, and acknowledge the contributions of black warriors in the complex history of the American West.

About the Author
As a teenager in the 1960s John P. Langellier participated in High Chaparral Days. He subsequently left his hometown of Tucson to pursue his BA and MA in History from the University of San Diego, and his PhD. from Kansas State University in Military History.  He is the author of scores of articles (many for True West magazine) as well as dozens books including his most recent title–Fighting for Uncle Sam: Buffalo Soldiers in the Frontier Army, which will be available at the High Chaparral Reunion. Dr. Langellier has served as a consultant to film and television such as Geronimo: An American Legend, Posse, and for the PBS production For Love of Liberty, hosted by Halle Barry.

Additionally, he co-produced two episodes of A&E’s Time Machine series, “The Buffalo Soldiers” and “The Buffalo Soldiers: The Legend Continues”.  He is an honorary member of the 9th and 10th U.S. Horse Cavalry Association, and a Smithsonian Institution fellow.  Moreover, in 1992, he was named as the Montana Historical Society’s James Bradley Fellow to conduct research on African American soldiers in Big Sky Country.

  Photo by Bob Boze Bell

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