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February 18th, 2016

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Like Nothing Else

Are you coming to the Reunion? Do you want to come but don’t have the funds?

I understand that…that was me when the Reunion began back in 2003. And I decided to be frugal and not go that first year. I’m still kicking myself. Even telling myself that it was the smart thing to do, even seeing that I’d really have to scramble to make ends meet…it didn’t stop me in the years to come. The first three Reunions were held in LA so I could drive to them. But driving in LA traffic terrified me to the point where I was sure I was going to have a heart-attack. No exaggeration. Those who are afraid to fly know what I’m talking about. But I white-knuckled it. Hated every minute of the trip but the reward more than made up for it.

The Reunion is like nothing else you’ve every attended. If you are a High Chaparral fan you will not mind for one second the money it costs to attend. Many fans have said that it changes their life. Honestly. When its over and you are back home, it can be months before real life sets in again – if it ever does. I can’t really describe it, but I know its a feeling that’s shared, based on other attendees descriptions.

So I just want to say, if you can scrape up enough to come, do it. Have this life-changing experience. The money will work out in the end. It just does, somehow (now you know why I am not a financial planner in real life smile emoticon ).

The whole Reunion works this way. It is not a money-making venture. We squeak by somehow. Because we want YOU to have this experience.

Hope to see you there.


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