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January 15th, 2016

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High Chaparral Theme Music
By Matt Saunders

As each season of the High Chaparral  progressed so did its theme music, (music by David Rose, Lyrics by Joe Lubin & David Dortort. )

Season One started with a beefy, steady, moderate tempo.  Each season the theme tempo got slightly faster season by season until ending up in season 4 as a quick tempo with a more smoothed out, lush arrangement.

When listening to Season 1-3 it’s easy to think it’s the same recording speeded up.  However if you listen closely with a musician’s ear you’ll notice slight differences in the percussion sections.   Each season had a new, different recording.

The theme music used for the beginning of each episode is two bars long, but the music at the end of each episode is only one bar long.    The end theme isn’t simply the beginning music with the last half cut off, instead you can hear a slightly different arrangement recorded specifically for the end when the guest stars names are displayed.  This was a common practice when recording TV themes in the 60’s & 70’s.

Hopefully after reading this and listening to the different seasons themes, High Chaparral fans will appreciate how good the recording and arrangement was, it is one of the best western themes which goes hand in hand with one of the best TV westerns ever made.

*Editors note:  Musician union rules required network productions to record new theme music each season.  Producers sometimes used the exact same arrangement year to year but often took advantage of the opportunity to modify the theme, providing a fresher arrangement for the new season. 

All For You
Theme from “The High Chaparral”
Music by David Rose
Lyrics by Joe Lubin & David Dortort

It’s all for you this love that I bring
The song that I sing is a song from my heart
And it’s all for you.

Without you there the dreams that I’ve planned
would be grains of sand. Take my dreams, make them true
‘Cause they’re all for you.

The great rugged mountains, these thousand mile plains
This vast blazing desert, Come share all I claim.

So take my love and as long as I live
Take all that I have to give, here’s my world, take it too
Oh, it’s all for you.

HC Season 1 Theme Opening         HC Season 1 Closing
HC Season 2 Theme Opening         HC Season 2 Closing
HC Season 3 Theme Opening         HC Season 3 Closing
HC Season 4 Theme Opening         HC Season 4 Closing

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