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November 17th, 2014

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Leif Erickson: For Money He’ll Even Get Tough

Vintage article translated from foreign fan magazine

He is now 57 years old and has done in that time almost everything that can keep an actor in Hollywood afloat. He did unskilled labour, sang in a choir, sang solo, was a bouncer, made films, worked as a war photographer and was an actor again.

He has played in more than 100 films – he does not remember how many exactly. His marriage with an actress fell apart, and despite being handsome, the “blond Adonis” Leif Erickson still had not become a star.

He says: “I remember I was always aware of my situation. Non-stars do not matter. This has been gnawing at me, and I have repeatedly asked myself Why? Why? The ugly ones got roles and were successful: Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable. I got roles and had no success. Why?”

The only explanation: He was too handsome.

Three years ago, Leif Erickson had worked as a boat salesman in Marina del Rey, close to Los Angeles.

There, “Bonanza” producer David Dortort contacted him and then hired him. He was looking for a father-type for his new show “The High Chaparral”.Vintage article translated from foreign fan magazine

There, “Bonanza” producer David Dortort contacted him and then hired him. He was looking for a father-type for his new show “The High Chaparral”.

The aged Adonis of the past seemed to be the right man. Dortort had noticed the actor for the first time in a bit part in “Bonanza”.

The actor Leif Erickson had suddenly become what he had not been all his previous life: a star. He says: “I enjoy being famous. It’s fun to finally have success.” He enjoys his money: “’The High Chaparral’ is a gold mine I want to protect.” And he therefore plays what David Dortort wants: the stern father, the rough husband and the brutal enemy. For money and success he turned into the rancher John Cannon.

But a little fear stays with him despite what he has accomplished. “We have a big thing going with “The High Chaparral”. It grows and grows. Hopefully, it will not end all of a sudden. “Then the gold mine would be empty for Leif Erickson.

He is afraid that the young stars of the show, Linda Cristal and Mark Slade, will suddenly leave. The reason for this suspicion: Mark Slade has his own band. Now Henry Darrow, too, has an aside job as drummer. With the end of the show, the golden days would be over for Erickson as well: stern fathers are not much in demand these days, not even in Hollywood.

Top left: Leif Erickson’s children: Bill (22) and Susan (18). Sue has been married to a childhood friend for two months now.
Top right:
Leif Erickson as a leisure-time captain – three years ago his work clothes looked like this.
He became a star because he was old

Top left:
Studying nautical charts on the yacht “Pagan”: Leif and his children Susan and Bill
Top middle:
“I love sailing boats – and finally I can afford one”
top right:
Leif Erickson with children and wife Ann, with whom he has been married for 24 years
Below left:
The family takes Leif Erickson’s sailor’s yarn seriously: On his yacht Leif is captain and commander
Below right:
“I have to check everything. The children never pay enough attention when it comes to shortening the sails.”

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