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November 17th, 2014

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Remember when Big John Cannon hired the bunkhouse crew for “$30 a month and chuck”?  The Bunkhouse Boys became an essential part of The High Chaparral!

The HC Reunion can’t make it alone, just like Big John couldn’t run the ranch alone.  It takes lots of help, including contributions from Sponsors.   Now there’s a special Reunion Bunkhouse you can join for $30, just like Big John’s $30 for the bunkhouse boys.

You’ll be a part of the Reunion Bunkhouse, a big part of bringing The High Chaparral home to Tucson.  Name someone who you want to honor with your membership – a High Chaparral star, or loved one.  Your name and the person you honor will be listed on a program at the Reunion so you’re right there with us in Tucson.

Don Collier, ranch foreman Sam Butler, signed up as soon as this was announced in honor of Bobby Hoy, his brother Joe Butler.   So far I have honors for Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell, Don Collier, Bobby Hoy, Rudy Ramos, and The High Chaparral.

Honor your favorite High Chaparral character or star and join ranch foreman Sam Butler in the bunkhouse at

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