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September 29th, 2014

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All About….

A translation from a vintage German TV Guide

All about Cameron Mitchell

Family name: Cameron Mitzell
Stage name / Pseudonym: Cameron Mitchell
Birthday: 4th November
Birth place: Dallastown, PA
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 87 kg
Hair colour: light brown
Eye colour: hazel
Address: NBC National Broadcasting Co., 3000 W. Alameda, Burbank, CA
Wife: Lissa
Children: Cameron Jacob, 7 years, and Jonathan, 4 years
Car: Crysler
Favourite colours: blue and green
Favourite flower: Lily of the valley
Favourite animal: horse
Favourite sports: golf
Hobby: watching movies
Favourite actor: Spencer Tracy
Favourite actress: Katharine Hepburn, Vivian Leigh, W. Hill
Favourite singer (male): Frank Sinatra
Favourite singer (female): Peggy Lee
Favourite TV star: hard to tell
Favourite book: The Bible (The Prophets)
Favourite movie: “The last bridge”, “Gone with the wind”
Favourite play: “The king and I”, Musical
Favourite dish: whatever I cook myself
Favourite drink: none
Favourite skill you learned: How to play baseball
How did you come to TV: from the movies
Biggest disappointment in 1969: the fact that we do not have peace
Biggest joy in 1969: my children ; the landing on the moon
Biggest wish for 1970: none
Holiday destination in 1970: yet unknown
Career plans for 1970: movie production
Private plans for 1970: nothing special
Strengths: no comment
Weaknesses: no comment

All about Henry Darrow

Family name: Henry Delgado
Stage name / Pseudonym: Henry Darrow
Birthday: 20th July 1933 [Did Henry change his birthday along with his name?]
Birth place: New York City
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 76,5 kg
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: brown
Address: Henry Darrow c/o NBC-TV, Burbank, CA
Wife: Lucy
Children: Denise (12 years), Tommy (7 years)
Car: 61 Tempest
Favourite colours: green
Favourite flower: Dianthus
Favourite animal: koala bear
Favourite perfume / fragrance: White Shoulders
Favourite sports: baseball
Hobby: playing chess
Favourite actor: Paul Muni, Orson Welles
Favourite actress: none
Favourite singer (male): Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra
Favourite singer (female): none
Favourite TV star: Jackie Gleason (American TV comedian)
Favourite book: all books about chess
Favourite movie: “Citizen Kane”, “Viva Zapata”
Favourite play: “The wonderful ice cream suit”
Favourite record: “Listen” with Ray Charles
Favourite dish: veal escalope, Italian style
Favourite drink: Margareta
Favourite skill you learned: dramatics
How did you come to TV: directly from theatre
Biggest disappointment in 1969: that it had not been possible to visit Germany
Biggest joy in 1969: being a star in “High Chaparral”
Biggest wish for 1970: I’m perfectly happy
Holiday destination in 1970: yet unknown
Career plans for 1970: get my own TV show
Private plans for 1970: renovate our house
Strengths: patience
Weaknesses: undiscoverable [referring to the fact that it took such a long time until they found him for the High Chaparral]


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