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July 31st, 2014

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Facebook: Buffalo Gals

By Lydia Hopson

When the Buffalo Gals was created it was to be a page where “High Chaparral” fans could not only share their love of all things and people “High Chaparral” but share time with each other. I spent a lot of time on the Henry Darrow Friends page and the Cameron Mitchell page and while members there wanted to talk about themselves we tried to keep our posts focused on the High Chaparral and the actors themselves because that is what the pages were for. I wanted a page where the focus was more the fans themselves, where it was like sitting down for a cup of coffee with a friend.

I asked myself why not start a page with “High Chaparral” at its heart but make a place for fans to visit together to talk and share about, not only the show, but their lives as well?

Since its beginning in May 2013 the page has forged strong friendships and become a “place” where members come to vent, post pictures of family, be silly, share their day, their fears, share good news and bad, ask for prayer or advice and of course, they share “High Chaparral.” The name for the page came from the song of the same name that “Buck” is often heard singing on the show.

The cadre have become sisters of the heart and when gathering for the first time at the High Chaparral Reunion in March 2014, BG members said it was like meeting friends you had known for years. Coming from all walks of life and all ages (the youngest members are 26) a strong bond has formed over tears and laughter. There are even a few brave men who have joined the ranks.

Since the Buffalo Gals page really belongs to its members, I got comments from some of them. They can best tell you about the group.

“I like it because it is like a haven where you can talk about anything, share laughs and cry with a bunch of amazing people, and at the same time our favorite cowboys are right there with us the whole time (in mind and heart),” said Isabell Larsson, a resident of Sweden.

“My life was changed by the forming of BG. I have become friends with fascinating and loving people from all over. I don’t think I would have gone to the reunion without the encouragement and pull of the BGs. We truly have such a strong bond and I feel I can say anything and get help or comfort or a laugh … anytime,” was Susan Getty’s description of what the group means to her. She joins in from Washington state.

Germaine Manzi, from New Jersey, had this to say, “It is a unique bonding experience. HC kind of brought us together but a sisterhood developed among all of us. Even though we’re from all over and from different walks of life, we share life’s ups and downs, we pick each other up, look after one another and genuinely seem to care about each other.”

Terri Welborn, a Texan, used little elaboration to describe Buffalo Gals, “It is the family you get to pick and not what genetics stuck you with.”

Another Texan, Mj Muller, had this to say, “It’s a safe place. Everyone builds each other up. No one is critical or catty, no snarky remarks allowed. We are serious about ‘if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all’, although some of the teasing is the kind you can only get away with around close friends! I notice a lot of our bunch don’t have a lot of opportunities to get out and socialize, but when they have a chance they can check in here and know we’ll all be happy to hear from them. Some of the things going on in their lives amazes me! There are some very strong people dealing with some really tough stuff. They know they can check in here for some morale support when needed, and they’re always ready to offer the same to someone else.”

Sherrod Baden, from Georgia agrees. “This group is a place we can gather for friendship and support while sharing our love of all things Chaparral. It is a place of empowerment. We can be flirty, sassy, and a bit silly at times, but all in good fun. Some of my friends thought I was nuts to go to the reunion alone … even sharing a room with someone I’d never met! But the interactions with the people here gave me the confidence to take that step outside my comfort zone and realize a lifelong dream!”

Susan Malchione Ross, from Pennsylvania, was that roommate. “I found it amazing even though the reunion was the first time we all met face to face … it was as if we all knew each other forever,” she said.

From the west coast, Sarah Ortega, along with Isabell, is one of the young members of the group. We always say she and Isabell were born in the wrong decade.

“The BG’s really did give me a whole new family,” Sarah told me “It’s not only a place where we can share our love and craziness over all things HC but also our quirky humor and sisterhood. Yes, sisterhood, how many times have these great gals and guys circled the wagons? It always touches my heart to see how caring my BG’s are. Even when I’m pressed for time, I like to take a quick peek at the BG page before and after work because it always makes me smile. It’s safe to say that I’m a BG for life.”

So that the men can’t say we didn’t give them a chance to speak, I asked Bill Atherton, also of Texas, what his feelings were about the Buffalo Gals page.

“I’m a member of a lot of groups, but none of them are like the Buffalo Gals. All of the Gals have accepted me as a friend and I look forward to reading their posts. They brighten my day when they include me in their discussions and value my thoughts and opinions. I don’t have a lot of friends because of the crazy work schedules that my wife and I had through the years and the BGs help make up for that. They make me feel like I’m one of the gang.”

On the BG page, we have lots of fun in what we call our virtual High Chaparral world, even having events like a virtual summer camp at the “ranch” every year. We choose dresses, shoes and jewelry from the 19th century for the barn dances, balls and dancing around the bonfire during camp. And so that we have something to show for it, even crafts, virtually taught by the Cannons, Manolito and the Bunkhouse Gang. Do we get silly? Yes, we do, but it is a great escape. Terri put it best, saying,”Where else can a bunch of middle-aged women play dress up every Friday and still be considered normal???”

Come on over and have some fun with us. You never know what we will be doing.

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