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July 31st, 2014

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Facebook: Mark Slade

by Sharmon Loggains

It was with great anticipation, as was the case with any TV show having cowboys, Native Americans, and especially horses that my dad and I watched the 2 hour movie of a new Western that premiered in September of 1967 on NBC. We were already big followers of Bonanza and I had grown up watching the likes of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers with my older brother. I’ll always remember when John Cannon, starring Leif Erikson, called out “Blue! Blue” to a yet-unseen and out of pocket son, and then he appeared, walking hand in hand with his newfound sweetheart, Sarah. From the first time I saw the blonde headed, bashful young cowboy that had eyes that rivaled the color of a clear summer sky, I was -well- pretty smitten, let’s just say! 

Many years have gone by, and even after the show had passed into what I thought was a fond memory, I held on to my admiration of Mark Slade’s portrayal of the shy but impetuous Billy Blue Cannon. When Hallmark syndicated the show, it was the first time in over 30 years since I had last seen The High Chaparral and was thrilled to have all of those great memories come alive again.

I began to follow the website, ”The High Chaparral” and joined up on the High Chaparral Newsletter. I also found the Yahoo Discussion Group by the same name, and for some time, this is where I would go for my High Chaparral ‘high.’ These websites provided both past and current information about all things Chaparral and I was glad that there remained such enthusiasm for the show. Then I discovered on one of those sites that the High Chaparral had a Facebook group page, as well as one for the HC Reunion.

The first Facebook ‘character’ page that I joined was the Cameron Mitchell group page with administrators Sondra Hill and Lydia Hopson. Lydia and I began to message one another about our mutual drive to write, talking about High Chaparral fan fiction stories and the like. One night, it occurred to me that there were pages beginning to appear for the other characters, but, as of yet, there was no “Blue” group. Since I was still such a ‘true Blue’ fan, I thought, “Why can’t I start one?”  And working fast before the same idea occurred to someone else; I did just that, naming it the “Mark Slade/Blue Cannon fan page.” The group description is: For friends and lovers of Billy Blue Cannon of the High Chaparral TV series.” That was sometime in March of 2013, and as of today, there are 509 members!

The group is a family friendly one open to anyone who wants to join, whether they join in on the fun and post photos with great captions as some of the members enjoy doing, or just read along. I hope that it is a group that Mark Slade and his family, friends and fans can be proud of. Please come on board and be a part of   (to quote Nancy Thomas’ fan fiction title) our “Blue heaven.”

The Administrator of the Mark Slade Facebook page is Sharmon Loggains

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