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July 31st, 2014

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Facebook: Cameron Mitchell

By Lydia Hopson

In late 2012 Sondra Hill and I had become friends thanks to two Facebook pages, Henry Darrow Friends and the “High Chaparral” page. We were connected by our love of the “High Chaparral” show and like most “High Chaparral” fans, we each had our favorite character, Uncle Buck for her, Manolito for me. Quickly, we became fast friends and messaged each other several times a day.

Sondra said she had thought about making a FB page for Cameron Mitchell and our conversation over the next few days went from “I have thought about ..” to “Let’s do it.”

She told me what she wanted on the page and I went to work. It didn’t take long and soon Sondra was messaging me that she loved it. I was delighted that after thinking about it for so long she finally had what she wanted, a Facebook page for Buck. It didn’t take long for fans, and friends from the other “High Chaparral” pages to join and we watched happily as membership numbers climbed.

A few months later, I created the Buffalo Gals page which took up a lot of my time and though still an administrator on the Cameron Mitchell page I don’t spend as much time there as I did in the beginning. I have noticed that since it began, the page has changed from one about “Uncle Buck” to one that celebrates all of Cameron’s work.

Members post any photos of Cameron they can get their hands on, movie stills, pictures that ran in newspapers or magazine articles, stills from the “High Chaparral”, memories of those who met him or worked with him, you name it, it is posted there. There are “Cam alerts” advising page members of any show or movie to be seen on television in which Mitchell has a starring or guest starring appearance. It is easy to see that Mitchell’s fans range far and wide and they are just as dedicated now as ever.

Membership of the page includes at least two of Mitchell’s family, a nephew and the wife of another nephew. They have shared pictures of many personal family items. Group members always appreciate something of this nature. It brings them closer to the man they admire so much.

Even more exciting is the effort by Bryan Sellars, Mitchell’s former business manager, to honor Mitchell in his home town by naming a street or even the baseball park in honor of him.

“We should honor the legacy of a man who, arguably, could be the finest actor to ever come out of York County,” said an editorial in the York Daily Record recently and added “Among those efforts: Raising money for a scholarship to go to a promising student at Susquehannock High School who is planning to study the arts in college. The scholarship would also honor Helena Hartenstein, who taught language at the former New Freedom High School and inspired and encouraged Mr. Mitchell to take up acting. One of the fundraising ideas is a screening of one of Mr. Mitchell’s films — the classic comedy “How to Marry a Millionaire” is under consideration.

“That would be more than fitting,” the editorial went on to say. “It would also be more than fitting to rename a street in Mr. Mitchell’s honor in Shrewsbury and perhaps attach his name to the town baseball field. Mr. Mitchell was a standout baseball player in high school and turned down an offer from the Detroit Tigers so he could go to New York and pursue acting.”

If this happens you can be sure the Cameron Mitchell page will be one of the first to know and shouting the honor from the rooftops.

Sondra is still as dedicated to the page as she ever was and wants very much for fans to participate.

“I want it to be very fan-based,” she said. “I want Cam’s fans to know it is their page.”

With 813 members now and more added every week, it is certain the page will continue to grow and to celebrate the life of a man that means very much to “High Chaparral” fans. So if you are a Cameron Mitchell fan join the group and grow with them. You won’t find any place that acclaims him with more love.

Administrators for the Cameron Mitchell Facebook page are: Sondra Hill, Debra Cox, Lydia Tilbury Hopson and Marianne Rittner-Holmes. 

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