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October 15th, 2015

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A Penny For Your Thoughts

By Penny McQueen

On The High Chaparral Victoria is always the perfect hostess, welcoming everyone – even savage Apaches – into her home.    In the first season alone she is hostess to:

  1. English Lord
  2. Army Captain
  3. Ranchero
  4. Eastern bank clerk and his wife
  5. U.S. lawman
  6. Apache medicine man
  7. Juarez soldier and his sister
  8. Widow
  9. Her new husbands brother-in-law
  10. Son of an Indian scalper
  11. Presidential representative and his adopted daughter
  12. Two rescued sisters
  13. Nuns
Victoria makes coffee, serves food, rousts up clothes, adapts to new customs and makes everyone – no matter how different they are – welcome in her home.

When I first moved the Reunion to Tucson the first goal I set was for everyone to feel they were coming to Victoria’s High Chaparral, made welcome and taken care of in that same way.   It’s an ongoing process but overall I think we hit the mark, especially when I consistently hear people say “It’s like coming home to family you’ve never met,” when talking about our event.

That was exactly what I hoped we’d do – even without Victoria there to help us.

This next year is a time of change for all of us as we get ready to welcome lots of new people to our home in Tucson.   New celebrity guests like Bob Fuller, Ed Faulkner, Dan Haggerty, Darby Hinton, Barbara Luna, Roberta Shore and Wyatt McCrea are excited to come to OUR Reunion.  We’ve grown, just like John Cannon’s ranch grew, and are now a recognized name in Western festivals.  Stars want to come because of the welcoming, family attitude we have.

So now we ALL get to be Victoria Montoya Cannon.  We’ll put on our very best, welcome every star, every new fandom, and every new person just as Victoria would – warmly, whole-heartedly, letting  them know they are now part of our family.

Let’s say “Welcome home to The High Chaparral” to all our new family members! 

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