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September 24th, 2015

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Vintage reprint 1968

One of the season’s big discoveries is Henry Darrow, the dashing young Mexican of NBC’s The High Chaparral. With all the excitement he’s caused, you might forgive him if he’d gone Hollywood.  He hasn’t. Far from it.

He just sold his old car – a ’55 Chevy – to a friend for $1 and bought himself a used ’63 Rambler convertible. He and his wife are still living in the $15,000 house they bought eight years ago.  It’s a nice little house, and they can measure every improvement in terms of the jobs that enabled them to do it.

“We have an Iron Horse rug,“ he says, because we could buy a rug when I did an Iron Horse episode.  We have a 36-weeks-at the Pasadena Playhouse master bedroom addition.  We have three-episodes-of-The-High-Chaparral worth of furniture.

“If the series is renewed, I may have my teeth capped,”

With his first paycheck from The High Chaparral, he bought a color television set so he could watch his show in color.

As to the rumors of his show going 90 minutes, Darrow has heard them but he isn’t too keen about the idea.

“Most of The Virginian and Cimmaron Strips I’ve seen,” he says, “wind up being stretched to make them 90 minutes – you see a guy taking things out of a wagon for two minutes to pad it out.”

post 2016 Reunion

September 24th, 2015

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High Chaparral Reunion March 17-20, 2016 
You won’t believe who you get to meet at the 2016 High Chaparral Reunion!   Sign up today at
  • Celebrity stars Don Collier (Outlaws, High Chaparral), Robert Fuller (Laramie, Wagon Train, Emergency), Dan Haggerty (Grizzly Adams), Darby Hinton (Daniel Boone), Stan Ivar (Little House, Star Trek),  BarBara Luna (High Chaparral, Star Trek), Rudy Ramos (High Chaparral, Resurrection Blvd), Roberta Shore (Ozzie & Harriet, The Virginian), Neil Summers (High Chaparral, Gunsmoke), Kent and Susan McCray (Bonanza, High Chaparral, Little House on the Prairie), Jeff McCarroll (C-Bar), Buck Montgomery (the Sacketts), Boyd Magers (Western Clippings), Wyatt McCrea (Grandson Joel McCrea, producer, actor), Charlie LeSueur (Arizona Official Film Historian) and MORE!
  • Events sell out – don’t miss out, sign up now!
  • FIVE celebrity panel discussions.
  • Large Star & Vendor room.
  • Full day of activities each day – see the schedule on
  • Cowboy Cookout at White Stallion Ranch.
  • Friday night Sponsors Dinner with the Stars.
  • Full day at Old Tucson’s western festival.
  • Large silent and live auctions.
  • Win big – trivia contest, target-practice, games. 
  • Film room with episodes and movies.
  • “Love Letters” a Pulitizer Prize finalist play with Roberta Shore and Boyd Magers.
  • Don Collier’s Confessions of an Acting Cowboy.
  • Susan McCray and Vinnie Falcone concert.
  • Trail Rides on the desert at Old Tucson.
  • Tucson Boys Chorus, Ricochet Radio Ranglers.
  • DEALER TABLE – $150 for both Old Tucson and Casino del Sol!
  • Tucson’s top resort destination, Casino del Sol!
CALL 812-214-5044 for information or register at  
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