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December 15th, 2014

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The Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus is set for the evening’s entertainment at The High Chaparral Reunion Sponsor’s dinner, Friday evening March 20.   The Boys Chorus performance is sponsored by Brad Lloyd, Lloyd’s Construction, Tucson.

Renowned for its excellence, the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus has earned the reputation of a premier music education and performance organization representing both the classic, international boy-choir sound and the diversity of the American Southwest. Founded in 1939, the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus is dedicated to providing boys in the community an enriched educational experience through the study and performance of choral music.

The Chorus endeavors to impart musical, social and leadership skills that build self-esteem and have a sustaining impact on its members. Serving the community as an artistic and cultural resource is fundamental to the Chorus Mission.

The TABC tours throughout the U.S., Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and South Africa and collaborates with national symphony orchestras, radio and television appearances, partners with diverse arts and cultural organizations, and has made numerous recordings. They’ve performed at the Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center and the White House for the Lighting of the National Christmas Tree….and now for The High Chaparral Reunion!

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December 15th, 2014

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Billy Blue and Manolito invite you to follow them to a fair a la Mexico:
“Come with us to Spanish Town!”

There is a small town, very close to Hollywood. In the evening you will hear guitar music, and the scent of Mexican cuisine fills the air. The town is called Spanish Town – it is a great amusement park for travellers, hippies and tireless movie stars. On this and the following pages Mark Slade and Henry Darrow will tell you what they experienced during a visit to Spanish Town. BRAVO accompanied the two “High Chaparral” stars as they strolled over the Mexican fairground.

The autograph hunters were out of control

A Sombrero does not make a Mexican

Top right:
“I’m ravenous!” moans Billy Blue. Manolito hides his hunger behind his famous grin.

Bottom left:
“Does this look Greek (in German: Spanish) to you?” Manolito and Blue look like players in a Mariachi band.

It is always noisy in Spanish Town. Vendors and mobile traders seem to have shouting ompetitions. Loud music sounds from the booths and pubs. Children squeal with delight. Dogs bark. Spanish Town can be heard before it can be seen.

It stirs the blood. Mark Slade and Henry Darrow storm into the town like boisterous little boys. They want to explore every booth.

The two “High Chaparral” cowboys have a filming break until April. Henry, who has used his holidays for a visit to Germany, got cabin fever. He called Mark on a whim. “Will you go with me to the fair at Spanish Town? There’s always something going on there!”

On the way, Henry told us what he knows about Spanish Town. “Actually, the whole place consists of only a single road, it is Los Angeles’ oldest street: Olvera Street. They have pubs there and shops where you can buy everything. Visitors already crowded Spanish Town when Los Angeles passed from Spain to Mexico in 1822 and to the United States in 1848.”

As proud owners of the largest sombreros on sale in Spanish Town the two friends are leaving the first stall. They hope to hide undetectedly under these hats among the tourists who roam the street which is partly laid out with red bricks and partly tiled. But they forgot the Mexican autograph hunters. In no time they are surrounded by girls and boys who squeal with delight. For minutes it is even louder than usual at the fairground…

“What is that on your chin, Billy Blue?” a bold teenager speaks up. Blue laughingly looks up: “I am starring in a cinema Western. I am playing a man who had been in prison for a year. And in that time he has grown a beard.”

The fans have their autographs. Blue and Manolito are exhausted. Manolito knows what helps: “Come with me!” He purposefully heads for a pub, orders some beer and some Mexican specialties.

Billy Blue gets tacos – fried tortillas that are filled with meat, cheese and salad. Manolito eats burritos. These are wraps filled with pork, shredded carrots and onions. He licks his oil-dripping fingers. “That’s how you eat in South America,” he informs the astonished Blue and orders dark Mexican beer: “Salud”.

They continue to stroll from booth to booth. Blue falls in love with some puppets. He wants to buy one of these toys for his son Morgan. Manolito admires candy-filled paper animals at another booth: “That would be a nice present for my wife Lucy.”

Laden with gifts and purchases they leave the hustle and bustle of the fair. And have to give autographs again. This time two policemen ask the stars for their signature. “We have often stopped the traffic when the ‘High Chaparral’ was filming here,” they explain, beaming. “But now we see you for the first time. Our wives and children will be amazed when we tell them about it tonight.”

post Hollywood Potpourri

December 15th, 2014

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Vintage Article, 1968

Cameron Mitchell, star of NBC-TV’s “The High Chaparral,” has found his acting career has taken some strange twists and turns.  Recently he played his rough and tumble Uncle Buck Cannon on the Western series while ABC-TV ran “The Robe” in which Mitchell enacts the voice of Christ.  If Mitchell ever decies to give up acting, the Detroit Tigers baseball team reportedly would be interested in him.  Mitchell still has an unsigned contract from them to pitch.

Mark Slade, co-star in “The High Chaparral,” lost 25 pounds in three weeks on his high protein diet, shots and advice from a doctor. “You feel like you’re in prison,” he says.  “You cannot find the things on a menu you’d like to eat…all menus read fat,” said Slade.  “Acting is a party profession and you can’t keep away from the hors d’oeuvres. I’m a little short on will power so I picked a very expensive doctor to make sure I went through with it.  Unfortunately it cost more than I expected – I need a whole new wardrobe!”

The Bay City Times, June 23, 1968

post Actress Makes Career Out Of ‘Comebacks’ 

December 15th, 2014

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Vintage reprint from 1988

When move and television star Linda Cristal recently made her daytime debut on “General Hospital,” it was touted as her big comeback. But Cristal, who plays Dimitra, the mistress of crime bass Victor Jerome (played by jack Axelrod), says it’s actually the fourth time she’s come out of “retirement” since she began her career.

“I’m like the bullfighters and boxers who keep making comebacks,” jokes Cristal, who was the lone female star of the 1967-71 TV series “High Chaparral.”

An actress since age 13, Cristal (who was born in Argentina) dropped out of the national spotlight for nearly a decade after “High Chaparral” left the airwaves. She went on to carve out a successful career in real estate and also started an import-export business.  But Cristal found that she missed the acting life so much that she wanted to regenerate her on-camera career. Soon after, she landed a one-year contract with “GH.”

“While I was quote-unquote ‘retired,’ I asked myself, ‘Who am I fooling?’ Acting is my favorite occupation,” declares Cristal, who has done soaps in her native Argentina and Mexico. “I really wanted to work again and I would have done anything to get this job on ‘General Hospital.’ I was so excited when I got the role that I couldn’t sleep!  It’s a wonderful opportunity.

Twice divorced and the mother of two grown sons, Jordan and Greg, Cristal says it’s a challenge to play Dimitra because she loves mobster Victor Jerome unconditionally – despite the fact that he’s never married her in their 20 years together.

“Dimitra is more in love and more trusting than I’m able to be,” Cristal admits. “Because I’ve been touched by life and she hasn’t, I’m ore suspicious. I wish I could trust a man and be as devoted as Dimitra, but I can’t be, so I enjoy playing someone who is.”

Since victor has a heart condition that could kill him, there’s a good chance that Dimitra might eventually be left behind to fend for herself. If that happens, Cristal hopes it won’t spell the end of her character’s story line.

“If something happens to victor, I would like to see Dimitra rebuild her life,” offers Cristal. “I don’t want her to end p alone. I’d have Dimitra fall for someone closer to her in age and they’d have a fantastic romance. I want Dimitra to have a chance at life.”

As for love and romance in her own life, Cristal insists she’s happy living alone, but doesn’t completely rule out a third trip down the aisle.

“I enjoy being single,” she says. “I’m so busy that I don’t have a lot of time to spend with someone. More than likely, I won’t remarry, but I don’t say never, because that doesn’t exist, just like forever doesn’t exist.

“I haven’t found anyone special, even when I’ve looked with a microscope!” Christal quips. But she adds seriously, “love is the most exhilarating thing in the world. A bad relationship can tear you apart like a cat.  It’s like being on a plane with a drunken pilot – a collision course!  Romantic love is for the inexperienced.  My love is my work.”

Cristal, who won three golden Globe Awards for her role on “High Chaparral and was twice nominated for an Emmy, wrote a semi-autobiographical story about child abuse 10 years ago. She is now in the midst of trying to finally get it published. A veteran of 35 motion pictures, including “The Alamo” with John Wayne and “Mr. Majestyk” with Charles Bronson, Cristal hopes one day to return to the big screen – perhaps in a movie version of her story.  She also has aspirations to direct.

“I’m a total workaholic who likes being involved in a thousand things,” reveals Cristal.  “More than anything else, though, I love to act. I want to die acting!”

post Don Collier in Tales Of The Frontier

December 15th, 2014

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High Chaparral foreman Don Collier (Sam Butler) recently spent a day on set with Law Dog Productions narrating and playing the marshall for their western series, “Tales of the Frontier” , written and produced by Tino Luciano.  Luciano said, “It didn’t take much coaxing to get Don Collier on top of Gambler.  Getting to work with Don was not only an honor, but a very humbling experience. What a great man and we look forward to working more with him in the not too distant future!”

Jeff McCarroll, who played opposite Don as a deputy marshall, and enjoyed the chance to work with the western movie and TV veteran.  “He’s still got it spot on,” McCarroll said, ” and he’s got that ‘don’t mess with me’ lawman attitude, he still got it spot on didn’t miss a line ,got that don’t mess with me lawman attitude.”

Law Dog Productions  was born in the beginning of 2012. Owner Tino Luciano created Law Dog Productions  to bring back, “Family Value Programming” to television and in full length feature film.

With so many reality programs displaying every form of human degradation and prime time programming with dramas that have crime scenes splattered with gore, foul language, sex and nudity, Law Dog Productions goal was to sweep that garbage away and put family value viewing back on television.

Law Dog Productions is a very unique production company that has chosen the genre of the, “CLASSIC WESTERN” with family values as its format of film and television programming in a series entitled Tales of the Frontier.

post Sponsor the Reunion

December 15th, 2014

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Every year dedicated fans are a big part of bringing The High Chaparral back home to the ranch in Tucson.   These loyal Sponsors are with us during the High Chaparral Reunion in spirit and without their support it’s impossible for the cast, crew and fans to gather together and honor this innovative, ground breaking television western.

You can be a significant part of The High Chaparral by becoming a Sponsor.   When you register to attend include the Sponsor option and if you can’t attend sign up to be one of our very special non-attending Sponsors.  You’ll receive a gift package that includes:

  1. High Chaparral coffee mug
  2. Arbuckles coffee pack
  3. Keepsake invitation with original artwork
  4. High Chaparral pen
  5. Photo from Don Collier
  6. Keepsake Sponsor’s medallion
  7. Download card for ‘Sounds of Chaparral’ CD, recordings by Don Collier
  8. High Chaparral sticker and other thank you items

Help bring The High Chaparral home to Tucson, sign up at

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December 15th, 2014

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Remember when Big John Cannon hired the bunkhouse crew for “$30 a month and chuck”?  The Bunkhouse Boys became an essential part of The High Chaparral!

The HC Reunion can’t make it alone, just like Big John couldn’t run the ranch alone.  It takes lots of help, including contributions from Sponsors.   Now there’s a special Reunion Bunkhouse you can join for $30, just like Big John’s $30 for the bunkhouse boys.

You’ll be a part of the Reunion Bunkhouse, a big part of bringing The High Chaparral home to Tucson.  Name someone who you want to honor with your membership – a High Chaparral star, or loved one.  Your name and the person you honor will be listed on a program at the Reunion so you’re right there with us in Tucson.

Don Collier, ranch foreman Sam Butler, signed up as soon as this was announced in honor of Bobby Hoy, his brother Joe Butler.   So far I have honors for Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell, Don Collier, Bobby Hoy, Rudy Ramos, and The High Chaparral.

Honor your favorite High Chaparral character or star and join ranch foreman Sam Butler in the bunkhouse at

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December 15th, 2014

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