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September 29th, 2014

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The Last Word…

The Old West Lives In Our Language 
WJ St.Germain

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This month’s article arose from a simple question my son asked me. After watching a western, he commented that he would like to try beef jerky. He then asked, ‘How do you jerk meat?’ After recovering from the shock of such a question, my best answer was, ‘How should I know?’ This is what comes with encouraging your children to ask questions. Since I can never let things go once my curiosity is piqued, I had to find out. One thing led to another and today we will look at how some words and expressions arose. Note though, that interpretations vary from place to place so don’t be surprised to find some cases where a different explanation is given. For example, many sources attribute the expression ‘in hock’ to the old game of Faro while others insist it is of Dutch origin and has nothing to do with Faro.

We will start with the mysterious jerky. I took the word jerk literally (as one does) and couldn’t begin to imagine how the sudden wrenching and twisting of a piece of meat could produce the mummified strips that we call beef jerky. I suspected salt was involved but that was about it. After considering the whole muscle physiology angle, I concluded that ‘jerky’ had to have another meaning. It does. The word is a corruption of a French word charqui. When you say it, it does sound a bit like jerky (okay, so extend your imagination a little). Charqui means dried meat, in particular, dried beef. Since there were many French trappers back then, one can assume that when eating the dried meat, they used the word and an English modification resulted. Or maybe it came from mishearing ‘charqui’ at the saloon. Incidentally, another French word salon, meaning hall or large room, is where we get saloon.

Bob Hoy as Joe Butler

Saloon bring us to whiskey. I knew the old farmer’s term bumblefoot referred to an infection that often affected poultry* (ulcerative pododermatitis) but I had not heard of tanglefoot until HC came along. I would never have associated the word tanglefoot to mean whiskey but it does. I am only guessing here but my theory is this: The word tangle is related to the Swedish taggala, meaning to disarrange, jumble or entangle. Coupled with ‘foot’ it’s not a huge step to assume that a person’s normally functioning legs became tangled after a few too many drinks. Consequently, the drunken stagger could be considered tangled feet.

* Affects rodents as well as birds

Red eye, something Buck orders often, is easier to understand. A night on the town has produced more than one pair of bloodshot eyes. You might like to know that whiskey (also spelled whisky) comes from two Irish/Gaelic words meaning, waters of life! Too much liquor landed people in the hoosgow (or hoosegow), meaning jail. Hoosgow is believed to come from the Spanish juzgado, meaning a court – and associated cell one may be locked up in later. That one takes a wee bit more of a stretch of the imagination.

To be in cahoots is another one with a French origin. The word cahute means cabin. Teams of French trappers often shared cabins. Understandably, they lived apart from the English so they could speak their native language together. They were, to the English speaking people, living in cahoots. Not all were trusted and over time, this took on a negative connotation. Nowadays it means working together as partners, in collusion.

Holler is another good one. This means to shout or exclaim loudly. Many ranchers went weeks or more without meeting friends. When they met in the towns, they shouted out ‘Hollo!’ or ‘Hello!’ The Spanish greeting ‘Ola!’ sounds similar. Over time, these loud greetings were referred to as ‘holloing’. Some young ladies who shouted out this way were reminded to, ‘Stop holloing, dear, it’s not lady like.’ The word later evolved to hollering. It took on added meaning to include when anyone shouted about anything, pleased or not.

I rather like Many Irons in the Fire to describe juggling various tasks. Blacksmiths tended to work on several pieces of iron at once. This is because they could only hammer the red hot pieces briefly before they cooled and needed reheating. Having many irons in the fire was an efficient way to ensure there was always a piece hot enough to work on while the others reheated. Today we would call it multi-tasking but I prefer the Old West term.

Bite the Bullet is another curious expression. It means preparing to do something difficult or unpleasant. When a person received medical treatment without anaesthetic, they were often given something small and hard to bite on to help them not to scream out during the procedure. I doubt that a bullet was ever given. They’re too small. If so, I expect the person performing the procedure would soon be dealing with a choking episode as well!

Henry Darrow as Manolito Montoya

At the end of a tiring day, we often say, ‘I’m all in.’ This phrase was born at the poker table. When a player had put all of his money on the table he was all in. He had nothing left to give. Saying I’m stumped also suggests being all in. Pioneers used to remove tree stumps to clear land for homes. When a stump was near impossible to move, the person was stumped. The stump got the better of him. This is another example of debatable meanings. Some people credit the expression with the game of cricket. Cricket uses three wooden stumps that can lead to the batter being ‘out’. Either way, getting stumped means you can go no further.

While there are many more I’ll save for another article, I will close with something for those of us who are left-handed. A number of expressions used in those days arose from left-handedness. I bet you didn’t know that! According to superstition, most things ‘left’ had a sinister touch to them. For centuries many people believed that left-handed individuals were witches. Some still distrust ‘lefties’. I remember my Kindergarten teacher tying my hand to the back of my tunic belt and forcing me ‘not to use that evil hand’ (until my mother found out!) Having two left feet implies being clumsy. Ungainly dancing had to be the result of the cursed ‘left-ness’ affecting feet, as opposed to having feet that ‘worked properly.’

Left-ness also led to, Getting out of the wrong side of the bed meaning one is having a bad day or is in a terrible mood. Superstitious people believed one must get out of bed putting the right foot on the floor first. Those who put their left foot down first were headed for a bad day, hence got out of the wrong side of the bed.

Out of a simple question, I have developed an interest in learning more about the history of these western expressions. I learned much writing this article – including that beef jerky is definitely an acquired taste!


post Cast Appearances

September 29th, 2014

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Meet the High Chaparral cast at these upcoming appearances.

Dr. Buck’s Wild Western Festival
October 24-25
Glendale, AZ
Don Collier & Neil Summers

The High Chaparral Reunion
March 19-22, 2015
Tucson, AZ
Don Collier, Henry Darrow, Rudy Ramos, Neil Summers, Kent & Susan McCray and more!

 Memphis Film Festival, June 11-13, 2015
Sams Town Hotel and Casino, Tunica, MS
Don Collier, Rudy Ramos and many more western stars

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September 29th, 2014

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Translation of a vintage Swedish article

The American cowboy was used to the speed of his horse. Europe’s jets, cars and trains moved too fast for his taste. But a more leisurely pace was not possible because Henry “Manolito” Darrow had only seven days for his concert tour through Scandinavia.

“I liked every minute of it, although it was exhausting and I was dog-tired sometimes. I had to be on thirteen different stages in one week. I raced from town to town, from one folkpark to the next. Some days I did not even know where I was.”

So far, his German fans only know Henry Darrow as an actor. The Swedes and Danes now also got to know the laughing cowboy as a singer. “It was a secret. But now it is in the open. Justz like Billy Blue Mark Slade, I also wanted to develop my other talent. Being just an actor is not enough.”

Manolito is pleased with the success of his Sweden tour. “The people were very kind to me. Europeans are a great audience. That is why I liked my first trip to Europe so much. If possible, I will come back next year. And then I will also visit Germany. Mark Slade told me a lot about his visit. He was very enthusiastic about your [i.e. the interviewer’s] country.

At the moment they are shooting the location scenes for the new “High Chaparral” episodes. In the desert of Arizona, Henry reminisces about the friendly European climate. “Only now do I notice just how hot it is around here.”

He starts to tell me about his tour. “It was a great experience for me. At first I was concerned because of all those people in the folkparks who came to see me. But over time I got used to it. When you meet those people individually, they are all very nice and charming, but when you encouter them as a mass, they can teach you fear. I have to admit there were moments where I did not want to sign any more autographs and did not want to see any more fans.”

“Just once I want to be Henry Darrow again”

“Masses of people can seem almost inhuman at times. But such things are simply a part of show business. Press conferences can seem threatening as well. Especially when they take place just a few minutes before the show starts. I am always nervous before a performance. In such a situation it is difficult to answer questions about the war in Vietnam or about racial discrimination in America.

After my first five days in Sweden, I had not yet seen much of the country, except of course streets, hotels and folkparks. In Copenhagen I had been able to visit the Tivoli Gardens and some nice restaurants. But in Sweden I had to move on to the next town so fast that I did not find the time for this. Maybe one day I can come back as Henry Darrow and not as “Manolito”.

During my stay in Stockholm, the Swedish manager of the tour arranged a chess game for me with Soviet chess grandmaster Boris Spassky.

The game took place on the stage of the “Kungsträdgarden” [The king’s garden], a public park. I had already seen Spassky in Los Angeles when he had come to America for a championship game. But I would have never believed that I would ever meet him in person.

I felt like a child that meets a famous sports star: proud and excited. Of course, Spassky won the game, but to this day I am overjoyed that he thought me a strong opponent.”

“That was the biggest shock of my life”

In the folkpark of Vargarda I got the biggest shock of my life. I met a man who looked exactly like me. He could have been my twin brother. At first I thought he was a relative whom I just had not met yet. But it turned out he was from Yugoslavia. His name was Kosta Petrovic and, like me, he was on a tour through Sweden.

In the folkpark Kosta sat down in the first row, right in front of the stage. The audience thought he was me and badgered him for autographs until I started my show. Then we went to a restaurant and had dinner together. And the fans could not tell who was Kosta and who was Manolito. It was an unbelievable coincidence.

In Stockholm I got a sore throat. One of my managers took me to Dr. Leanderson in the Karolinska University Hospital. I must have looked very anxious because the doctor tried to convince me that he knew everything about sore throats and knew the right therapy. He was the physician of the royal opera of Stockholm.

“I learned this from the High Chaparral”

“I answered him that I had sung at the Metropolitan Opera of New York. However, I neglected to mention that I had sung with fifty others in the choir. Dr. Leanderson was very impressed. He told me to rest my voice and refrain from talking between my shows. I found that very difficult because I love to talk.

But I managed to keep my mouth shut and communicated with my managers and musicians in the Apache sign language. I had learned some of it for my role as Manolito. It really worked. And: my voice came back. The next evening I was already able to sing again.

On TV he is a cowboy. On stage, his fans heard him for the first time as a singer. “As Manolito I have to be able to ride. That is why I am riding a pony also in my leisure time.”

Henry loves being a father: “During the week I am Manolito. That is the basis for my happiness with my wife Lucy, my daughter Denise (12) and my son Tommy (7).”

“My daughter Denise is very interested in music. At home she is my most appreciative audience when I sing and strum the guitar.”

“Son Tommy wants from his father what all sons want from their fathers: I have to be able to repair all broken toys.”

“I had to perform in my Manolito costume. But I got away with a lot more mischief than on TV.”

“The Swedes liked my song “Little Green Apples” best. I even produced a record with this song on it. I want to develop all my talents, not just my acting skills.””

post Cameron Mitchell Scholarship 

September 29th, 2014

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Join the Fundraiser Kick-Off for The Cameron Mitchell Scholarship Sponsored by The High Chaparral Reunion!  To learn more, check out his website at   All donations go to fund a scholarship in Cameron’s name for high school seniors pursuing theater, film, journalism and/or media arts.  


About 110 people attended a special screening of “How to Marry a Millionaire” starring Cameron Mitchell at the Zion Lutheran Church in Glen Rock.

Mitchell, originally born in Dallastown, appeared in more than 90 movies and was nominated for two Academy Awards and two Emmys.

The event served as a fundraiser for the Cameron Mitchell High Chaparal Helena Hartenstein Scholarship Fund through the Southern York County School District.

Members of Mitchell’s family, including his cousins Ed Zeigler and Richard Mitzel, and nephew Marc Mitzell, attended the event.

post Blooded Uncle

September 29th, 2014

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Come home to The High Chaparral!  Sign up TODAY and meet Henry Darrow (Manolito Montoya), Sam Butler (Don Collier), Wind (Rudy Ramos), Kent McCray (producer), Susan McCray (casting), Neil Summers (stuntman and cast), Western Clippings publisher Boyd Magers, plus many more cast, crew and fans.

Last year some events sold out – don’t be disappointed, register TODAY!

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September 29th, 2014

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All About….

A translation from a vintage German TV Guide

All about Cameron Mitchell

Family name: Cameron Mitzell
Stage name / Pseudonym: Cameron Mitchell
Birthday: 4th November
Birth place: Dallastown, PA
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 87 kg
Hair colour: light brown
Eye colour: hazel
Address: NBC National Broadcasting Co., 3000 W. Alameda, Burbank, CA
Wife: Lissa
Children: Cameron Jacob, 7 years, and Jonathan, 4 years
Car: Crysler
Favourite colours: blue and green
Favourite flower: Lily of the valley
Favourite animal: horse
Favourite sports: golf
Hobby: watching movies
Favourite actor: Spencer Tracy
Favourite actress: Katharine Hepburn, Vivian Leigh, W. Hill
Favourite singer (male): Frank Sinatra
Favourite singer (female): Peggy Lee
Favourite TV star: hard to tell
Favourite book: The Bible (The Prophets)
Favourite movie: “The last bridge”, “Gone with the wind”
Favourite play: “The king and I”, Musical
Favourite dish: whatever I cook myself
Favourite drink: none
Favourite skill you learned: How to play baseball
How did you come to TV: from the movies
Biggest disappointment in 1969: the fact that we do not have peace
Biggest joy in 1969: my children ; the landing on the moon
Biggest wish for 1970: none
Holiday destination in 1970: yet unknown
Career plans for 1970: movie production
Private plans for 1970: nothing special
Strengths: no comment
Weaknesses: no comment

All about Henry Darrow

Family name: Henry Delgado
Stage name / Pseudonym: Henry Darrow
Birthday: 20th July 1933 [Did Henry change his birthday along with his name?]
Birth place: New York City
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 76,5 kg
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: brown
Address: Henry Darrow c/o NBC-TV, Burbank, CA
Wife: Lucy
Children: Denise (12 years), Tommy (7 years)
Car: 61 Tempest
Favourite colours: green
Favourite flower: Dianthus
Favourite animal: koala bear
Favourite perfume / fragrance: White Shoulders
Favourite sports: baseball
Hobby: playing chess
Favourite actor: Paul Muni, Orson Welles
Favourite actress: none
Favourite singer (male): Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra
Favourite singer (female): none
Favourite TV star: Jackie Gleason (American TV comedian)
Favourite book: all books about chess
Favourite movie: “Citizen Kane”, “Viva Zapata”
Favourite play: “The wonderful ice cream suit”
Favourite record: “Listen” with Ray Charles
Favourite dish: veal escalope, Italian style
Favourite drink: Margareta
Favourite skill you learned: dramatics
How did you come to TV: directly from theatre
Biggest disappointment in 1969: that it had not been possible to visit Germany
Biggest joy in 1969: being a star in “High Chaparral”
Biggest wish for 1970: I’m perfectly happy
Holiday destination in 1970: yet unknown
Career plans for 1970: get my own TV show
Private plans for 1970: renovate our house
Strengths: patience
Weaknesses: undiscoverable [referring to the fact that it took such a long time until they found him for the High Chaparral]


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September 29th, 2014

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Check out and LIKE the new Rudy Ramos Facebook page,  It’ll soon contain info on hisGeronimo, Life on the Reservation performances and other Rudy updates.  

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September 29th, 2014

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High Chaparral Reunion

March 19-22. 2015

TIME IS GETTING SHORT – Fifty-eight fans have already registered for the big family reunion in Tucson.  Will you be left behind?

Register TODAY and take advantage of budget friendly $50 payments, plus by registering now you’ll have your pick of activities before they sell out.

Taking place in March 2015, this not-to-be-missed event provides the thrilling opportunity to meet the artists who brought the Cannons, Montoyas and Bunkhouse Boys to life! Meet Henry Darrow (Manolito Montoya,  Don Collier (Sam Butler),  Rudy Ramos (Wind),—along with a long list of guest stars, production and crew members.

Is this your first Reunion or you’re traveling alone? We have a special program to make it easy for you.  If you wish we’ll match you up with another fan who’s attended in the past so you can ask questions and have a buddy before you arrive.

Register TODAY at, and Come Home To  The High Chaparral

Download your FREE e-book, ‘How To Attend The High Chaparral Reunion!’

Watch the Video

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September 29th, 2014

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Visit the Hollywood Support Group on Facebook and vote for ALL The High Chaparral actors as your favorites today by LIKING their photo.   

post Linda Cristal Facebook Fans

September 29th, 2014

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by Piero Valle

Facebook: Linda Cristal Spanish Fan Group

If you ask me Why I decided to create a page in Spanish to honor and make a Tribute to actress Linda Cristal, my answer would not be only one !!

Linda is a woman who represents many important things to me. Much more that a beautiful star that became in a great actress. I consider her a “life fighter” who at very early age was hit for a tremendous tragedy, the loss of her parents at a terrible car accident where She miraculously saved her life and obliged her to grow quickly and educate by herself !

Life was not easy for her neither when her parents were alive nor after their death. That misfortune could have weaken anyone and make think life have no sense or value. On the contrary it made her stronger, made her survive and believe the life is worth it!! In a world and in a time harder for women than at present she went ahead, working, improving by herself, learning and trying to reach objectives that facilitate her a better life, a family, the happiness, without looking behind.

Listening or reading her words is an incentive for others that can be hopeless  or angered by the setbacks of the life to go on and understand that life starts every day, that there is always a way out and everything depends on the positive attitude that we take.

She is a humble, sensitive  woman and at the same time has a strong and courageous character. She was  endowed with a great beauty and a brilliant mind and she knew how to use them to achieve their aims. People love her Legacy as well as her story, no doubt. Linda understood that being a beauty was not enough to win in this world then studied acting with good teachers, she made courses to learn and to become a bussines-woman , She studied singing, recorded songs and also writes as well as a good writer. While working in “High Chaparral” toured along United States with actor Mark Slade as a duet singing at parties, fairs and rodeos.  As her son Jordan says “saving penny by penny” . Her Legacy as actress in Mexico, United States, Italy and Argentina will last forever  in the art history. Me, as Argentinean feel  proud of having a representative and a reference as Linda in the world of the art.

I was very lucky meeting her in Buenos Aires , Argentina, thanks  to common friends who introduced Us and those moments We shared  with her are unforgettable for me. I recorded in my mind her wise words. I grew up watching High Chaparral episodes and it was very touching for me been able of speaking with beautiful “Victoria”, but when you listen to her you find much more than a Hollywood actress, Linda doesn’t speak as a star, She has the simplicity of a very intelligent woman.  Her hands are captivating, Her beauty is georgeous , but her mind overcomes all her physical appearance!

When people join to our page and I read their respectful postings I feel a joy and satisfaction and I am sure they feel the same as me, they are really happy of being able to express their gratitude to our pretty-talented-intelligent Linda..!!

Long Life Linda Cristal..!!   We adore and love you!!!

Si usted me pregunta porqué yo decidí crear una página en español para honrar y rendir un Tributo a la actriz Linda Cristal, mi respuesta no sería una sola!!    Linda es una mujer que representa muchas cosas importantes para mí. Mucho más que una estrella bonita que se convirtio en una gran actriz. Yo la considero ” una luchadora de la vida” quién a la edad muy temprana sufrio  una tremenda tragedia, la pérdida de sus padres en un terrible accidente automóvilistico dónde  salvo milagrosamente su vida y la obligó a crecer rápidamente y educarse sola!    
La vida no fue fácil para ella ni cuando sus padres estaban vivos ni después de su muerte. Ese infortunio que debilita a cualquiera y puede hacer pensar que la vida no tiene ningún sentido o valor, al contrario la convirtio en más fuerte, le hizo sobrevivir y creer que la vida valia la penal!!. En un mundo y una epoca más dura y mas dificil para las mujeres que en la actualidad  prosiguió trabajando, mejorandose sola, aprendiendo e intentando alcanzar objetivos que le facilitaran una vida buena, una familia, la felicidad, sin mirar hacia atrás…!    
Escuchando o leyendo sus palabras, su historia,  son un incentivo para otros que pueden estar desesperados o pueden estar enojados por los avatares de la vida y les ayudara a continuar la lucha y entender que la vida empieza todos los días, que hay siempre una manera de salir a flote y que todo depende de la actitud positiva que nosotros tomamos.    
Linda es una mujer humilde, sensible y al mismo tiempo tiene un carácter fuerte y valeroso. Fue dotada de una gran belleza y una mente inteligente a las cuales supo usarlos para lograr sus objetivos. Las personas aman su Legado así como su historia, sin ninguna duda. Linda entendió que siendo una belleza no era suficiente para triunfar en este mundo, entonces estudió ingles, actuacion con buenos profesores,  hizo cursos para aprender y convertirse en una mujer de negocios. Estudió canto, grabo canciones  y aprendio a escribirí como un buen escritor . Mientras trabajaba en “El Gran Chaparral ” recorrió a lo largo de Estados Unidos con el actor Mark Slade formando un dúo cantando en fiestas , ferias y rodeos.  Como su hijo Jordan dice “ahorrando dinero poco a poco y guardando cada penique.” Su Legado como actriz en México, Estados Unidos, Italia  Argentina y gran parte del mundo durará para siempre en la historia del arte. Yo, como  Argentino me siento orgulloso de tener una representante y una referencia de lucha como Linda Cristal en el mundo del arte.     
Yo tuve mucha suerte de conocerla en Buenos Aires, Argentina, gracias a amigos comúnes que nos presentaron y esos pocos momentos que compartimos con Linda son inolvidables para mí. Yo grabé en mi mente sus palabras sabias. Crecí mirando los episodios de El Gran Chaparral y fue muy emocionante conocer y hablar con la bella , calida y bonita “Victoria Cannon”, pero cuando usted la escucha usted encuentra mucho más que una actriz Hollywoodense, Linda no habla como una estrella, Ella tiene la simplicidad de una mujer muy inteligente.  ¡Sus manos son cautivantes, Su belleza es impactante, pero su mente supera toda su apariencia física!!!!  ¡Cuando las personas que se unen a nuestra página y yo leo sus  respetuosos y bellos comentarios siento una alegría y la satisfacción y estoy seguro que ellos sienten igual que yo, ellos están muy contentos de ser capaces de  expresar su gratitud a nuestra bonita-talentosa-inteligente Linda..!!Te Deseamos larga vida Linda Cristal..!! Nosotros te adoramos y te amamos!!!