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January 15th, 2012

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W St.Germain

Would I like to baby sit the kids while Jacinta went Christmas shopping? Of course! Ever since I discovered their great love for High Chaparral and all things western*, I came to see my friend’s three children through different eyes. I couldn’t wait to go.

When I arrived, David, Kenny and Crystal were their usual charming selves. As they swarmed through the house like socks in a washer, I answered their thousand questions while admiring the various Christmas crafts they were making.

‘Did the people at your magazine like our stuff?’ asked David after a time.

‘Yes, very much,’ I said.

Crystal smiled. ‘I bet they loved my sparkly bag.’

‘They loved everything, I’m sure,’ I said. ‘I particularly love the Cannon’s prized bull. Where is he now?’

David shrugged. ‘In the toy cupboard somewhere, we’ve been playing Lego. I built a space station, see?’ He held up an interesting object with enough spiky things sticking out of the roof to impale any low flying UFOs. ‘Darth Vader’s going to come and threaten it.’

‘Oh! Guess what?’ said Kenny, looking pleased. ‘We got a whole corral of horses for our ranch, look.’

The brothers rushed to the Lego trunk and proceeded to pull out every horse they could find.

‘I’ll get Mom to take a picture for your next story.’

David tucked his thumbs in the waist of his jeans. ‘We’ll get a good price for these from the army,’ he said in his Big John voice.

‘Hey, Wendy hasn’t seen Hank yet!’ said Kenny dashing off. He shouted to me. ‘Hank looks after the horses. He’s the ranch hand.’

‘I think he should be called Reno,’ said David. ‘He looks like Reno and there’s no Hank on the show. But Miss Bossy over there said Hank is a good name.’

‘It is,’ said Crystal primly.

A minute later, Kenny produced Hank.

‘Isn’t he the guy from Toy Story?’ I asked.

Kenny shook his head. ‘That’s Woody. He’s Hank’s twin brother.’

They set up the corral with a disproportionately sized Hank keeping watch.

‘I bet the people at your magazine would like to see this,’ said Kenny. ‘You can show them if you like.

‘Thanks. I guess we’ll have to come up with a name for you all if I’m going to do another article. Let’s think of one now,’ I suggested.

‘Why?’ Kenny wanted to know, ‘We’ve already got names.’

‘Yes I know, but sometimes it’s easier to refer to a whole family by their last name. Since your folks are sticklers for privacy, we can make up a pseudonym for you.’

‘A what?’ they all asked together.

‘A pen name. It’s an imaginary name that people will know you by.’

‘How do you say that again?’ asked Crystal.

I repeated it then left her to practice, no doubt wondering how she might weave that one into a future conversation. It would certainly impress her teacher.

‘We need something western,’ said David.

I agreed.

‘Okay, so what will we choose?’ asked David.

‘Cannon!’ said Kenny.

‘Oh we couldn’t use Cannon!’ said Crystal, looking scandalized. ‘It’s their name,’ she said in a hushed, reverential tone.

‘Then what can we use?’ asked Kenny. ‘It should be westerny.’

His siblings agreed. They thought hard and came up dry.

‘Well, when you think of westerns, what comes to mind?’ I asked reaching for a notepad. ‘I’ll write it down and then you can vote.’

A chorus of words followed. These included tumbleweed, horses, ranch, Sam and Joe Butler, Gunsmoke, Miss Kitty (that was Crystal), Festus, stagecoach, guns and arrows, Indians, John Wayne, whisky and beer.

‘If we can’t use Cannon then what about other names of characters you like?’ I suggested.

‘The Gunsmokes,’ said Kenny.

‘That’s not a character,’ David corrected him.

‘It doesn’t sound real anyway,’ said Crystal giving him a superior look. ‘I don’t want to be called Crystal Gunsmoke, thank you very much! What about the Russells? Or the Montoyas?’

‘Or the Hagens?’ added Kenny. ‘I think Festus is so cool. I can read better than him now, you know!’ he added with pride.

‘Hey! Lots of people have more than one last name,’ said David, ‘We could do that. We’ve got a girl in our class named Caroline Bell-Rheese-Royal.’

‘You made that up!’ said Kenny.

‘Did not.’

‘Did too.’

‘I know her brother,’ said Crystal confirming the fact.

Kenny looked surprised. ‘Couldn’t her parents make up their minds?’

David shrugged. ‘I think everyone in the family wanted a go at being named.’

‘Let’s do that then!’ said Kenny. ‘I want Butler-Wind-Stagecoach.’

‘I want Russell-Dillon- Montoya,’ said Crystal as I madly jotted the names down.

‘I want John Wayne- Hagen, Tumbleweed,’ said David.

‘That’s not fair, he got four names,’ said Kenny. ‘I get to add Shindig, then.’

‘Then I add Chaparral,’ said Crystal.

They turned to me for an opinion while I scribbled shindig. I tried to be delicate as I looked at the list.

‘Actually, the idea was to shorten having to say Jacinta, Kenny, Crystal and David.’ I looked at the list again. ‘I’m not sure it would be an improvement to call you the Butler-Wind-Stagecoach-Russell-Dillon-Montoya-John Wayne-Hagen-Tumbleweed-Shindig-Chaparral family.’

I was fast learning what it felt like to be Jacinta for a day and was beginning to develop a headache. Then I had a brainwave.

‘What about West?’ I asked hopefully. ‘It would be perfect. You guys love the Old West so you can be the Young Wests.’

The children considered the suggestion.

‘I like it!’ said Kenny at last.

‘Me too,’ the others agreed.

‘West it is, then. Now, if I have to mention all of you at once, I will call you the Wests.’

Kenny giggled. ‘Sounds cool, doesn’t it?’

The others nodded.

Oh!’ said Crystal. ‘Hank will need a last name too!’

Oh no! I could well imagine Hank’s last name being something like Bunkhouse Boy-Cowboy-Wrangler-Flapjack-Faro-beer….

Fortunately, I was spared another debate when we heard keys in the front door. Jacinta was home!

‘Guess what Mom?’ The trio rushed over to her full of news about their new name.

‘It’s called a Sooindom,’ said Crystal proudly.

Jacinta sat down. ‘Sounds like you’ve been having fun.’ She leaned over and

frowned, ‘You look a bit pale.’

‘I’m fine, really.’

A look of recognition crossed her face. ‘Ha! Now you know where I’m coming from don’t you?’

I nodded. ‘Yes, but they were really good.’

‘They usually are. Just a bit full on at times. You’re lucky they weren’t having an El Lobo day! But not to worry, I have the antidote.’

As she unpacked the bags, Jacinta grinned and handed me the cure.

Excellent choice. There’s nothing quite so good at smoothing out the wrinkles of a tough afternoon than an Australian Shiraz.

* See Sept 2011 issue

post Season 4 Release of High Chaparral Available for Pre-Order

January 15th, 2012

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English/German audio

Kinowelt, the German film distributor who has released The High Chaparral seasons 1-3, announced season 4 is available for pre-order on Amazon Germany. Release/Delivery is set for February 2012.

The DVDs seasons 1-3 are currently available on Amazon Germany.

The Kinowelt DVDs are in PAL (European) format with both German and English language versions in Dolby sound. In the U.S an all region/all format DVD player is required to read the PAL formatted discs.

Many newer model players are all region. Check the manufacturer/model documentation to be certain. Computer DVD players will often play back a PAL formatted disk so the episodes can be watched that way if the TV DVD player won’t accept the PAL format.

For fans who want to purchase

post Memorial Plaque for Michael Landon Removed

January 15th, 2012

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Since many High Chaparral fans are also Bonanza fans, this story about a memorial plaque for Michael Landon may be of interest.

According to an email bulletin from, in 1997, Cindy Landon gave $6,700 that was used towards building a tree house “Little Treehouse on the Prairie” in Collingswood, NJ. Collingswood is the childhood home of Michael Landon. Abbe Effron raised $1400 for a bronze dedication plaque that was placed in front of the tree house. Recently, a local paper reported the plaque was found in the borough dump in the city of Collingswood.

The tree house is still up and being used but no record of its story or history is provided since the removal of the plaque. On Monday, January 2, 2012 the mayor of Collingswood, James Maley gave the following statement to the CollingswoodPatch Publication, “It was not meant to go into the trash. That was just a mistake somebody made.” The mayor also stated, “the plaque will remain among a collection of borough artifacts at The Retrospect’s office.” He also referred to this plaque problem as a “ridiculous little issue.” The mayor has no plans at this time to have the plaque put back where it was placed during the dedication ceremony in 1997 when Cindy Landon donated the funds to build the tree house. Many fans of Michael Landon who visit this playground will no longer be able to view the plaque unless they make a special visit to the retrospect’s office.

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January 15th, 2012

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Thursday, January 26, 2012, 12:00 noon
The Tubac Historical Society’s annual meeting luncheon will feature guest speakers Bob Shelton, founder of Old Tucson Studios, and Don Collier, Western movie and television actor.

Shelton and Collier, whose careers have spanned sixty years in the film industry, will recount their experiences with Hollywood movies filmed in the Santa Cruz Valley.

The event will be held in the Geronimo Room at the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa, 1 Avenue de Otero Road, Tubac. Lunch will be served at 12:00 noon and the presentation will follow. The public is invited to attend.

Admission is $30 per person and reservations are required. Please call 520-398-2020 or email


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January 15th, 2012

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Ted Markland as Reno in The High Chaparral

Veteran character actor Ted Markland of Yucca Valley, CA, died December 18, 2011 at the age of 78. He is survived by his son Erin and his long time companion Carol Vogel.

The son of an Army colonel, Markland began his entertainment career as a stand-up comedian. With a stream-of-consciousness, rapid-fire style reminiscent of a prototype Robin Williams, he attracted the attention of the legendary Lenny Bruce and under Bruce’s management worked top nightclubs in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In every line of work luck plays a part, but nowhere is this elusive break more critical than the world of acting. Markland got his big break while doing stand-up at the Toubadour in L.A. David Dortort, busy creating a follow up to his NBC-TV hit series Bonanza, was looking to cast series regulars for his next big thing, The High Chaparral. Markland, in an interview, still described the event with excitement 40 years later. “It was during my stand-up comedy days at the Troubador. I had worked for him before, so he knew me from Restless Gun. I was doing my nightclub act, and he stopped in after the show to say hello. He said, ‘Listen, how would you like to work regular, and be a regular on the show?’” Markland knew better than to check the gift horse’s dental work. “I said, ‘Aw no, I can’t do that. Of COURSE I’ll do that, what do you mean!’ It was great, he said, ‘I’ll be calling you,’ and he did, he got in touch with my agent and all that, and the rest of what happened is sort of history. Bonanza, Chaparral, they’re just perfect.”

Tall and good looking with long hair, Markland was a favorite with teenagers who visited The High Chaparral set at Tucson. During costuming he chose a shirt that fit 1870’s cowboy Arizona, but was also perfect for looking cool in the late 1960’s. “The fringe looked great – it was ‘in’, the thing to wear” he said. “I used to cut off pieces for the kids who came to see us shoot because they wanted a souvenir, They were all so nice to send us fan letters. I had big boxes and sacks of letters. It means a lot to an actor to get those, so when they visited and asked I always tried to give them something.”

But snipping off pieces of his assigned costume created headaches for wardrobe. “It drove them nuts,” Markland said. “I finally asked the head wardrobe guy to just give me a big long piece of the fringe, so I could cut off pieces to give to the fans. “

Ted Markland

Ted Markland

Markland worked steadily through the 1960’s and ‘70’s, in series television and film such as Another 48 Hours with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte, and Wanda Nevada with Peter Fonda and Brooke Shields. He was married on the set of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, with Jack Nicholson as his best man, and compared hangovers with Burt Lancaster on Ulanza’s Raid.

But his interests and heart ranged well beyond acting. Rejecting his Catholic upbringing early he became a spiritual seeker. Tibetan Buddhism, American Indian spirituality, mysticism and flying saucer studies all combined to lead him to Joshua Tree National Monument in California and a sacramental meal of peyote.

“The first time I was out here,” Markland says, “I was fasting at the base of a mountain, and I climbed up quite a ways. Suddenly, my hair almost stood up on end; it was very much like a religious experience. I thought, ‘I’d better say a prayer,’ but I didn’t really know how to pray. So I just said, ‘Thank you. Thank you for my life.’ And I hear this sound, like a horn or siren, and I looked up, and there’s like a rainbow, I guess. Just a round thing with a lot of energy coming out of it. I pretended I didn’t see it, and then in my mind, I heard the words, ‘You’re welcome.’ There’s a picture taken right after I came off the mountain, and you can very clearly see that something profound has just happened to me.”

After this he was driven to turn on friends to his mountain experience. That experience meant visiting the Joshua Tree mountain that would come to be known as Ted’s Mountain, fasting, cleansing and often peyote. Gram Parsons came to sit in the swivel chair Ted hauled up to the top, as did Timothy Leary, John Barrymore, Jr., Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Steve McQueen, Jack Nicholson, Donovan. One inside story that’s gained the status of hippie-culture legend says the Easy Rider scene where Nicholson riffs on UFO’s and a Venusian invasion is based on an experience at Ted’s Mountain.

“Leary’s wedding, we had that here,” Markland remembered. More legends abound about that event, with tales of LSD being served like snacks.

“I’ve been up there with friends meditating,” Markland said, “and we heard this huge sound, like a crack! There was this light, we couldn’t tell what it was — maybe an angel, who knows? — and my friends looked at me and said, ‘Do it again.’

In his later years Markland’s relationships with his fans, particularly fans of The High Chaparral, was meaningful to him and he attended every fan-based event he could. “You wouldn’t believe all the cards I get from fans, it’s wonderful. I go to every show I can. Seeing people, talking to people, it’s important.”

Ted Markland

One of Ted’s favorite roles was his character in Wanda Nevada

Ted Markland was honored with a marker at the Walk of Fame in Kanab, Utah in 2010. His filmography includes:

1. 2007 The Benvenuti Family (TV series)
2. 2006 Cyxork 7
3. 2003 Fabulous Shiksa in Distress
4. 1997 Switchback
5. 1997 Ground Rules
6. 1996/7 Last Man Standing
7. 1995 Wild Bill
8. 1995 Bonanza: Under Attack (TV movie)
9. 1995 Blood Ring 2
10. 1995 The Friends of Harry
11. 1995 Guns and Lipstick
12. 1994 Baywatch (TV series)
13. 1994 Confessions of a Hitman
14. 1994 The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (TV series)
15. 1994/I The Outsider
16. 1993 American Kickboxer 2
17. 1993 Live by the Fist
18. 1993 Renegade (TV series)
19. 1993 Merlin
20. 1991 Murder, She Wrote (TV series)
21. 1987-1991 Hunter (TV series)
22. 1990 Enemy
23. 1990 Another 48 Hrs.
24. 1990 Catchfire
25. 1989 Liberty & Bash
26. 1981-1989 Falcon Crest (TV series)
27. 1988 Santa Barbara (TV series)
28. 1988 Colors
29. 1987 Best Seller
30. 1983-1987 Simon & Simon (TV series)
31. 1986 Eye of the Tiger
32. 1986 T.J. Hooker (TV series)
33. 1980-1984 The Dukes of Hazzard (TV series)
34. 1983 The A-Team (TV series)
35. 1983 Hill Street Blues (TV series)
36. 1983 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (TV series)
37. 1982 Knight Rider (TV series)
38. 1982 Father Murphy (TV series)
39. 1982 Cagney & Lacey (TV series)
40. 1981 Hardcase (TV movie)
41. 1981 Sizzle (TV movie)
42. 1981 She’s in the Army Now (TV movie)
43. 1981 King of the Mountain
44. 1978-1980 The Incredible Hulk (TV series)
45. 1979 Dallas (TV series)
46. 1979 Wanda Nevada
47. 1978 Hawaii Five-O (TV series)
48. 1978 The Rockford Files (TV series)
49. 1978 How the West Was Won (TV mini-series)
50. 1977 Charlie’s Angels (TV series)
51. 1977 The Red Hand Gang (TV series)
52. 1977 Which Way Is Up?
53. 1977 Logan’s Run (TV series)
54. 1977 Relentless (TV movie)
55. 1977 The Hostage Heart (TV movie)
56. 1977 The Great Gundown 1976 Fighting Mad
57. 1976 Doomsday Machine
58. 1975 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
59. 1973 Hec Ramsey (TV series)
60. 1973 Jory
61. 1972 Ulzana’s Raid
62. 1972 Welcome Home, Soldier Boys
63. 1972 Play It Again, Sam
64. 1971 The Last Movie
65. 1971 The Hired Hand
66. 1970 Nanny and the Professor (TV series)
67. 1967-1969 The High Chaparral (TV series)
68. 1968 Angels from Hell
69. 1968 Blackbeard’s Ghost
70. 1967 Waterhole #3
71. 1967 The Invaders (TV series)
72. 1966 Bonanza (TV series)
73. 1965 The Wild Wild West (TV series)
74. 1965 12 O’Clock High (TV series)
75. 1965 The Hallelujah Trail
76. 1961 Outlaws (TV series)
77. 1961 The Great Impostor
78. 1960 Tate (TV series)
79. 1959-1960 Have Gun – Will Travel (TV series)
80. 1959-1960 Bourbon Street Beat (TV series)
81. 1960 Bat Masterson (TV series)
82. 1959 The Man from Blackhawk (TV series)
83. 1959 Mike Hammer (TV series)
84. 1959 Buckskin (TV series)
85. 1959 Highway Patrol (TV series)
86. 1958 The Restless Gun (TV series)
87. 1958 The Rough Riders (TV series)