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October 15th, 2011

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by Jan Pippins

Henry Darrow’s long-anticipated biography, LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE, to be published by BearManor Media, will unfortunately NOT be ready as hoped in time for the High Chaparral Reunion. However, always-fascinating Henry will be at the reunion to tell stories in person and he’ll have flyers available with pre-ordering information.

Our goal is to produce a high-quality book that fans will treasure. We appreciate everyone’s interest and patience.



post Mi Amigo! Manolito

October 15th, 2011

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Fan Elizabeth from the U.K. sent a lovely magazine she found while shopping. Thanks for sharing Elizabeth!

Vintage article reprint from January 1970 Fabulous

Henry Darrow is going to do a European tour early this year, writes Jane Milstead from Hollywood, so there’s a good chance that British fans will at last get an opportunity to see the gorgeous Manolito in the flesh.

Actually, Henry has just dashed to Puerto Rico to be with his father has been very ill, but there is a definite contract of the tour all fixe dup so we’ll just have to be patient – but not for much longer by the sound of it.

His rush to his father’s side is a typical gesture, for Henry is a family man before everything. Off the set he hurries home to his wife Lucy and young children Thomas and Denise. He is a charming as he seems on screen, says Janey. “It’s hard to do him justice in a feature, for when you meet him he is such a very nice, genuine man, kind to everyone and very thoughtful.”

He does not live a very ritzy social life, preferring old and close friends to the company of celebrities. In fact in many ways his life has hardly changed since pre-Chaparral days. He lives in the same modest house, dries an ordinary car, and most enjoys an evening out dining and dancing with his wife at small Latin-style restaurants. Sometimes they join up with Mark Slade and his wife for an outing or invite them over to the house, but Mark is about the only Chaparral person he sees outside the studio.

He guards his home life jealously and Janey says that reporters find him co-operative and pleasant at the studio, but they stand no chance of going out to his home.

“Everyone you ask says what a super person he is,” she says, “and he is tremendously loyal. One of his business advisors is known in the business as being a horrible person, consistently rude to everyone, but Henry wouldn’t dream of leaving him because he feels he owes some of his early breaks to him.”

One thing which some of you may not know is that Henry sings. Janey reports that he has a great voice and has done some super Spanish songs for a night club act.

So we may yet hear the sound of Darrow in London.

Pop Press

Vintage article reprint from Jan 1970 Fabulous

Mark Slade may not make that European tour after all, at least not until later on in the year. This is because he has purchased a movie script, which he is going to produce himself. The film is called Better Days Are A’comin’ and will star Mark and his very close friend Mary Watford. Leif Erickson of High Chaparral will also be in the film.

Mark has all the financial backing he needs for the film and now it is definitely only a matter of casting. About the only time Mark has for this is while Chaparral is on hiatus, the time during which he had originally planned to come to Europe. He is still trying very hard to slip over but is no longer certain that he will make it overseas in early 1970.



post A Special Message from Henry Darrow

October 15th, 2011

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a message from Henry Darrow

Henry Darrow is making his plans to be at Tucson for the 2011 High Chaparral Reunion!

He sent a very special message to ALL High Chaparral fans, thanking you for your support of the show.

Here’s your message from Manolito Montoya – the incomparable Henry Darrow. He’s hoping to meet you in Tucson along with Don Collier, Ted Markland, Rudy Ramos, Kent and Susan McCray, Linda Cristal (via special phone conference on a Q&A panel), and many other High Chaparral cast and crew.

A message from Henry Darrow